Baltimore Aircoil Company to Highlight Vertex™ Evaporative Condenser and TrilliumSeries™ Adiabatic Condenser at 2019 IIAR Natural Refrigeration Conference

BAC to Highlight Its Products at 2019 IIAR Natural Refrigeration Conference

Baltimore, MD - Baltimore Aircoil Company (BAC) will be showcasing the Vertex™ Evaporative Condenser and the TrilliumSeries™ Adiabatic Condenser at the 2019 IIAR Natural Refrigeration Conference and Expo, to be held March 3-6, 2019 at The Sheraton Grand Phoenix Hotel in Phoenix, AZ. Stop by Booth # 720 for an eye-opening virtual reality experience of these innovative condensers.

The Vertex™ Evaporative Condenser, which offers peak reliability combined with easy maintenance, will be on display. Providing maximum uptime with easy and safe accessibility, the Vertex™ Evaporative Condenser also features the lowest installation, maintenance, and operating costs - all adding up to the lowest total cost of ownership. Due to the industrial-grade rigidity of the unit, the upper section can be aligned to the lower section in less than 15 minutes per cell, thereby reducing installation costs by 30%. Water volume is reduced by up to 30%, saving on water and chemical costs. This helps reduce the operating weight by an average of 16%.

Using a direct-drive electronically commutated (EC) fan system maximizes reliability and uptime, and reduces operating costs, while requiring no regular maintenance. With redundancy inherent in the overall design of the unit - including fans, motors, and pumps - customers will enjoy peace of mind and uninterrupted operation. And with the largest access door and walkway on an evaporative condenser in the industry, the Vertex™ Evaporative Condenser allows for safe and easy maintenance, alleviating confined space concerns.

Also on display is the TrilliumSeries™ Adiabatic Condenser which combines the best of wet and dry cooling and optimizes energy and water savings. With the most worldwide installations, the TrilliumSeries now includes models up to 215 nominal tons to accommodate a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications.
The TrilliumSeries™ Adiabatic Condenser offers up to 44% energy savings compared to a traditional air-cooled condenser. For those looking for up to 90% water savings while still saving energy, the TrilliumSeries™ Adiabatic Condenser is an ideal solution. In addition, users can minimize carbon emissions with natural CO2 cooling in any climate. With minimal maintenance requirements, the TrilliumSeries™ Adiabatic Condenser reduces the total cost of ownership compared to other available options.

With over 80 years of industry-leading innovation and experience, BAC creates cutting-edge cooling equipment for the HVAC, Industrial, and Refrigeration marketplaces. We solve customers' unique needs with our expertise and wide range of high-performance systems. BAC leverages the power of evaporative cooling by optimizing the balance of water and energy, but the true BAC difference lies in our absolute commitment to creating sustainable solutions and delivering value to our customers.

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