Septimatech Unveils New Easy Adjust Rails® for Fast, Simple, Repeatable Conveyor Guide Rail Changeovers

Easy Adjust Rails is an economic, high efficiency system that easily retrofits to existing or new conveyors. See Easy Adjust Rails at PACK EXPO International—Oct 14-17, Booth N-5742, McCormick Place, Chicago.

Septimatechs new Easy Adjust Rails® system delivers fast, repeatable guide rail adjustment and changeover, without pneumatics or other high maintenance components. Increased efficiency, reduced labor and maintenance, and improved product handling combine to provide quick return on investment and outstanding total cost of ownership.

Easy Adjust Rails easily retrofit to existing or new conveyor systems. The small footprint makes Easy Adjust Rails simple to implement on small or large size conveyor configurations and for tight radius curves and corners. Easy Adjust Rails provide one-time calibration with no springs, seals or air pressure to maintain. Easy Adjust Rails are interchangeable for easy expansion or added flexibility if line configurations change.

Guide rail changes which typically take hours are reduced to minutes with Easy Adjust Rails. All adjustments are accurate and repeatable for consistent performance and container control in every change. Precise dial settings and responsive controls eliminate possible errors or variances from changes in operators. An optional upgrade to programmable automatic adjusters is available. No tools or pneumatics are required for any Easy Adjust Rail system.

Durable Easy Adjust Rails provide low friction, smooth transfer, non-marking container handling. They securely handle boxes or any size container and maintain position during conveyor back pressure. Easy Adjust Rails contain stainless steel hardware and engineered plastic components suitable for use in washdown environments and with caustic solutions. An optional upgrade to 316 stainless steel is available. Curved and angled surfaces prevent pooling of washdown liquids. An optional hygienic upgrade is also available for pharmaceutical and cleanroom applications.

Easy Adjust Rails benefits include:

Quick return on investment resulting from increased efficiency, reduced labor and maintenance, and improved product handling.
Easy implementation with existing or new conveyors.
Increased accuracy and repeatable adjustment.
One person, one-touch changeovers.
Sustainable, maintenance free system.
Secure handling of boxes and any size container when subject to conveyor back pressure.
One-time calibration of system.
Low friction, smooth transfer, non-marking container handling.
Ideal solution for washdown and caustic environments.
"Easy Adjust Rails provide a fast return on investment with increased efficiency and reduced maintenance and labor costs," says Gord Beaton, Septimatech VP of Sales and Service. "Its an ideal lean manufacturing solution for packaging operations looking to improve operating costs, efficiency and line flexibility."

Septimatechs new Easy Adjust Rails will be on exhibit at PACK EXPO International—Oct 14-17, Booth N-5742, McCormick Place, Chicago.

About Septimatech Group, Inc.
Septimatech is a leading worldwide provider of packaging machine and line productivity solutions. Our precision-engineered solutions simplify operations, improve efficiency, and assure rapid, accurate, repeatable changeovers and adjustments. Many of the worlds leading consumer and industrial goods manufacturers depend on Septimatech to increase uptime, improve performance and flexibility, and overcome unique production challenges. Our products include rapid change, high performance Guide Rail Systems, Change Parts, integrated line adjustment solutions, Feed Screw Drive Units, Feed Screws, Label Handling, and Smart Parts Carts. Septimatech is committed to helping our customers maximize their lines potential and provides PROVEN PERFORMANCE IN EVERY PACKAGING CHANGEOVER. Septimatech is headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario. For more information visit our website at

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