SupplyPro Expands Industrial Materials Management Platform with Launch of SupplyMobile

New Mobile Software Delivers Advanced Inventory Management and Data-Driven Business Intelligence on Any Android Device

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--SupplyPro, a leading industrial materials management solutions provider, today announced the launch of SupplyMobile™, an Android-based mobile app that easily tracks, manages and optimizes inventories, regardless of where or how materials are controlled. SupplyMobile dramatically increases inventory management breadth and reach, and seamlessly integrates with SupplyPro's SupplySystem™, the first modular, cloud-based IoT-enabled smart inventory control system. The addition of SupplyMobile has enabled the company to expand its SupplyPro platform and meet inventory management needs from end-to-end for industrial distributors and manufacturers. Today the SupplyPro platform delivers even more robust real-time business intelligence and insights that not only inform and improve inventory decisions, but business decisions as well.

"Our distribution partners require broader visibility into their inventory to more efficiently manage their supply chain," said Stan Sigman, chief revenue officer, SupplyPro. "That means items held in bins, storage cabinets, cribs or even vending machines, but also includes inventories in remote locations or, in some cases, at different geographic sites. SupplyMobile increases our partners' data-driven business intelligence across all of their accounts with the ability to forecast future requirements, anticipate needs and become more proactive, strategic partners to their own valued customers."

SupplyPro has long recognized the incredible potential of the cloud and has been a cloud company since day one. The company has now been collecting and analyzing inventory consumption and lifespan data from trillions of transactions for more than two decades. Unlike competitive solutions limited by islands of disconnected data, SupplySystem leverages the cloud to aggregate information into a single database. This eliminates the inefficiency and complexity of having separate databases, while enabling true efficiency and real-time access to the information necessary to make impactful business decisions. The SupplyPro platform combines historical data with the real-time data collected by SupplyMobile, SupplySystem and all of SupplyPro's inventory control devices and systems to deliver accurate business intelligence and insights. This ensures that inventory levels are optimized for real-world consumption patterns, improves productivity, reduces operating costs and lowers total cost of ownership (TCO).

"Increasing competition on a global scale has made materials management a critical component of overall business strategy, but the industry that supports this function has fallen behind the innovation curve," said Floyd Miller, CEO, SupplyPro. "As a result we have seen inefficiencies and valuable insights being buried in data. Businesses today need not only material control, but insights from material utilization. The SupplyPro platform with SupplyMobile leverages the latest technology to transform the enormous amount of data available into actionable business insights to increase our customer's technological advantage in the marketplace and, ultimately, improve the customer experience."

SupplyMobile can be used as standalone inventory management software or in conjunction with any SupplyPro device. All types of inventory are now easy to manage and transactions are tracked in real-time on any Android-compatible tablet, smartphone or other handheld devices, including scanners, and "rugged" handheld devices, such as the GT-500 from Arbor ™ available from SupplyPro. Location of inventory has become irrelevant because SupplyMobile can be used in a crib or storeroom; on stocking management for route drivers; for non-stock or ad hoc ordering; or for warehouse management. When combined with SupplySystem, SupplyMobile automatically adopts established business rules and the data collected on all mobile devices is seamlessly integrated into the system's software reporting tools.

SupplyMobile Features:

Fully integrated with SupplyPro systems and devices;
Each mobile device can support single or multiple storerooms;
Multiple mobile devices can be used together to manage larger storerooms or warehouses;
All key product characteristics and features available as if item is managed in a machine;
Available in multiple tiers: <2,500 SKU's; 2,501SKU's -10,000 SKU's; 10,000 SKU's +;
Fully adaptable to your stock location and identification layout;
Can operate wirelessly over standard 802.11 Wi-Fi or cellular networks;
Continues working if network coverage is lost, system automatically synchronizes when signal is re-established;
Automated monitoring of your inventory levels to generate orders based on your criteria with electronic transfer of purchase orders to suppliers.
SupplyMobile Specifications:

Hosted model with enterprise-wide visibility;
Inventory and order optimization;
Supply chain integration;
State-of-the-art security features;
Standard and custom reports;
Stock level monitoring and alerts;
Cost center allocation and user consumption tracking.
SupplyMobile is available today with a SupplySystem account from SupplyPro or on the Google Play Store and is priced at $99 for less than 2,500 SKUs and $149 for 2,501-10,000 SKUs.

About SupplyPro

SupplyPro is the leading end-to-end industrial materials management solutions provider, leveraging the most advanced Big Data Analytics techniques to dramatically transform the industrial distribution and manufacturing industries. The SupplyPro platform combines the power and flexibility of the cloud with mobile solutions and the industry's first modular, IoT-enabled smart inventory control system. More than 1.5 million monthly users, from manufacturing to aerospace and high-tech fabrication, rely on the SupplyPro platform to increase efficiencies, profitability and competitiveness. Headquartered in San Diego, California, SupplyPro has collected and analyzed inventory data from over a trillion transactions for more than two decades, giving the company the ability to deliver business intelligence and insights for inventory management that no one else can. For more information visit:

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