From Guitar Factories to Foundries, Automation Technologies Are Transforming Manufacturing

Taylor Guitars, Palmer Foundry and other technology end-users will discuss how automation is driving increased efficiency, profits and safety. Manufacturers, OEMs and solution providers will convene May 22-23 in Chicago at the seventh annual Automation Conference & Expo.

The use of advanced automation technologies—ranging from edge and cloud computing to collaborative robots, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, big data, the Internet of Things and other connected systems concepts—is transforming operations across the manufacturing landscape. The 2018 Automation Conference & Expo, May 22-23 in Chicago, will explore real world applications of automation among factories as varied as those that produce high-end guitars and foundries that create components for equipment builders. Conference presenters will reveal how emerging technologies have powered improved efficiency, operational safety and process data collection, among other wins.

Tyler Robertson, from Taylor Guitars, will explain how this premium acoustic guitar producer has implemented automation - including robotics and machine vision - to address wood quality, guitar pickup assembly and employee ergonomic issues.
Also on the program is Jim Lagrant of Palmer Foundry — a forward-thinking manufacturer in an industry often considered more old-fashioned than high-tech. Palmer Foundry has positioned itself for the digital future by uniting their business around process data analysis to connect production operations and enterprise business functions.
Conference attendees will also learn how to improve safety and productivity from leading systems integrator, Grantek. Jeff Winter, Granteks Safety Practice Director, will share case histories that demonstrate how the Industrial Internet of Things can improve performance in production, as well as safety and compliance, by enabling a real-time understanding of worker behaviors, machinery compliance, causes of safety shutdowns or stoppages, and safety anomalies and trends.
Now in its seventh year, the Automation Conference & Expo is produced by PMMI Media Group, publishers of Automation World. Conference program architect and Automation Worlds Director of Content, David Greenfield, remarks, "Our 2018 program will explore the most significant industrial automation advancements, including the latest on interoperability, cybersecurity and safety - plus a practical discussion about justifying the value of automation. Stay tuned as we assemble another exceptional peer-to-peer educational program."
Registration opens in November. Details are available at or by contacting PMMI Media Group at 1-800-355-5595.
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