Marlin Steel CEO Drew Greenblatt Named Leading Voice for Small Manufacturers in the U.S.

Largest manufacturing association in America taps Greenblatt for Small and Medium Manufacturers Group Chair.

The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), the largest manufacturing association in the United States, has named Marlin Steel CEO Drew Greenblatt of Baltimore, Md., chair of the Small and Medium Manufacturers (SMM) Group. Following an election in which manufacturing issues and manufacturing voters were front and center, the NAM is at the forefront of fighting for policies in Washington that will strengthen modern manufacturing, create and upscale more jobs and provide more pathways of opportunity for all Americans.

"This is manufacturings moment, and were ready to lead," said NAM President and CEO Jay Timmons. "Manufacturers have an incredible opportunity before us, and, with our new Board Leadership and Drews ability to rally manufactures who are the backbone of economy, the NAM is in a strong place to seize it."
Among the NAMs nationwide membership, ninety percent of its members are small and medium-sized firms, giving the association a critical voice to influence the change Americans sought in this past election. And the NAM is committed to working with the Trump Administration and new Congress to advance manufacturing priorities. Greenblatt was selected because of his proven history as champions of manufacturers in the United States.
When he first took over Marlin Steel in the late nineties, Greenblatt was faced with a crisis from foreign competition/dumping in a dying market. However, by focusing on Quality Engineering Quick ® and implementing aggressive approaches in automation, education and innovation, Greenblatt turned the situation around, saving the jobs of his factory workers and greatly improving their quality of life.
Greenblatt has long been an advocate for manufacturers in the United States. He joined and helped found several manufacturing advocacy groups; in an interview in the NAMs Member Focus magazine, he said:
"I am passionate about manufacturing because it creates a path for people to go from poverty to the middle class… My mission, as a part of the NAM, is to improve the climate in Washington so that small manufacturers can grow into medium-sized manufacturers and medium-sized manufacturers can become big manufacturers."
By working as the SMM group chair, Marlin Steels CEO will advance the cause of manufacturers in the United States who are struggling under excessive regulatory burdens and an oppressive tax environment.
Over the next two years, Greenblatt will join the rest of the NAM Board in working to bolster cooperation between the business community and Capitol Hill so, as Greenblatt states, "The USA can create more middle class jobs and raise people from poverty. Give people dignity of a great job with solid wages and rich benefits. This is a critical point in history when U.S. manufacturers have an opportunity to help reshape future policy and keep our nation competitive in the global marketplace."
About Marlin Steel
Marlin Steel is a Baltimore, MD-based manufacturing company that specializes in using advanced factory automation, robotics, software, and highly-educated & trained mechanical engineers to create custom steel baskets and wire forms for a broad industrial clientele including Automotive, Medical, Pharmaceutical, and Aerospace customers.
At one time, Marlin focused on making commodity bagel baskets—until government-subsidized competitors from China started selling baskets for less than the cost of the steel needed to make them. Marlin adapted by changing markets and tactics to become leaner and more profitable—simultaneously saving the jobs of Marlins factory workers and improving their working conditions.
From this experience, the company has grown stronger, and become an avid proponent for—and example of—how American manufacturers can overcome foreign competition through technology and innovation.

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