Reduce Time to Market with IoT Hardware Starter Kit for Software Developers

Phytools LLC announces the addition of PingPong, a hardware platform for software developers needing to connect physical devices to the cloud. PingPong is a modular embedded IoT/m2m board designed to drastically reduce development time.

Phytools LLC expands its product portfolio with PingPong, an IoT* hardware platform which curtails development time, allowing companies to get new products to market a year sooner. The PingPong IoT Quick Start Kit, from the German manufacturer Round Solutions, is application-ready and based on a modular hardware design principle.

The versatile board comes with wired or wireless connectivity as well as two open-sourced software versions, RTOS and Linux. While the RTOS version comes with the world's fasted 32-bit micro-controller running in C/C++ and Python, the Linux version uses the powerful ARM Cortex processor for even more functionality. The base circuit boards also have a high speed Telit cellular module, a high accuracy positioning component for the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), Ethernet, USB, and CANbus.
The base circuit board can be extended by one or more extension boards like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, I/O, Iridium Satellite communication, Radio Frequency, NFC/RFID and Camera interface boards. Thus, PingPong can be used in sensor reading mechanisms, routers, metering or telemetry devices, security and surveillance control, asset tracking systems, and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth gateways. An expansive range of applications is possible - from cloud-connected oil tanks and intelligent waste bins to cloud-connected gateway systems for manufacturing robots.
Internet of Things (IoT) is poised to become the next major technological paradigm shift. While Google Nest is making "smart homes" a reality, IoT will have a substantial impact in the world of industry and manufacturing.
*IoT is technology that connects physical objects together into a cohesive network using electronics, sensors, wifi, software and other embedded technologies.
About Phytools
Phytools LLC is a leading supplier of innovative industrial networking and automation solutions from European manufacturers. They serve customers across a broad range of sectors, including automotive, aerospace, mechanical automation, medical, renewable energy and defense. To learn more about Phytools, please visit or email them at sales(at)

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