Innovations in Industrial Manufacturing are Covered on "Behind The Scenes" with James Earl Jones for Public Television

A new piece will discuss how manufacturing is evolving in many ways...

Since the invention of the assembly line, the industrial revolution has been in full swing. Changes continue to occur across a vast range of industrial sectors, and those innovations will be the subject of an upcoming episode of Behind the Scenes with James Earl Jones (Of Mice and Men, Star Wars.)

Manufacturing plants are always trying to find better and most cost efficient ways of producing their product. Engineers and other experts will be guests to be interviewed by the Behind The Scenes team, as they discuss the latest technological developments. Many manufacturing plants are becoming more automated, using more robot type technology as well as computer controlled systems. This has resulted in some jobs being lost over the years, but it also means more jobs are being created. Higher education may be required more-so now than 100 years ago, but new developments are likely to continue as time goes on. The program will also examine how manufacturing plants balance profit against new discoveries that make their products better and less expensive for consumers.
James Earl Jones is a celebrated actor and the program brings out interesting and entertaining answers from the interview subjects. Behind the Scenes is a program produced solely for public television. It is not released by PBS, rather it is distributed to stations around the nation who air the programming as needed. Each program takes on a new issue involving some aspect of culture or society at large.

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