Demand-Driven Manufacturing Planning, Scheduling and Execution Software at Microsoft® Envision 2016

SyncManufacturing™ software brings real-time, synchronized manufacturing production capabilities to Microsoft® Dynamics users

Synchrono®, a leader in demand-driven manufacturing software and Microsoft® Partner, announced today that it will be demonstrating SyncManufacturing™ demand-driven planning, scheduling and execution software at the Microsoft® Envision 2016 Expo next week in New Orleans.

More manufacturers are abandoning scheduling spreadsheets and outdated forecast-based planning systems in favor of more progressive and flexible demand-driven solutions like SyncManufacturing software. Also referred to as a pull-based, or respond planning system, SyncManufacturing software is the first to offer manufacturers a system that synchronizes planning and scheduling with execution in real-time - aligning all production activities from order inception to customer delivery. In this way, SyncManufacturing works to optimize workflow through the entire production process, rather than individual resources. This approach delivers several advantages, including greater throughput, improved on time delivery rates and the ability to:
Build schedules dynamically so orders are immediately queued, prioritized and communicated
Adjust execution variability proactively, in real-time, and align operations with customer delivery expectations
Provide universal visibility to a "single version of the truth" across all functions - production, supply, customer service, management and more
Directly link rapid replenishment and purchase functions to current production capabilities
Highlight opportunities for continuous improvement with easy-to-use analysis tools.
Synchronized manufacturing drives workflow.
SyncManufacturing software uses a unique prioritization method that synchronizes people, methods, materials and machines throughout the enterprise. When a customer order is initiated, the system aligns all elements required to complete the job; color-coding, tracking, and verifying availability to ensure the order flows through the entire production process and meets the customers delivery date. Should a change occur, schedules and priorities are dynamically adjusted and visible - empowering workers with clear knowledge of what to work on next.
Constraints management reduces bottlenecks.
SyncManufacturing software includes a patented methodology, CONLOAD™, (for consistent load) to help manufacturers effectively manage constraints or bottlenecks in the system and maintain a consistent rate of work flowing throughout the production environment. It does this through a unique scheduling algorithm that releases work onto the factory floor based on the capacity of the system constraint(s). Constraints may be processes, machines or materials - anything that restricts workflow. CONLOAD leverages these bottlenecks to keep orders flowing and often results in increased capacity.
Based on CONLOAD™ technology and other key capabilities within the software, Gartner research recognized Synchrono® as a Cool Vendor for the unique value offered by SyncManufacturing™ software.
Microsoft® Dynamics users gain comprehensive manufacturing tools.
Synchrono, in partnership with Microsoft®, developed a standard interface into Microsoft® Dynamics, allowing Dynamics users to easily benefit from SyncManufacturing software. Through this standard interface, SyncManufacturing and Dynamics software can seamlessly exchange customer order information and more.
The Microsoft® Envision 2016 Expo is April 4-6 at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, in New Orleans. Microsoft® Envision 2016 Expo attendees interested in seeing SyncManufacturing software at the show can pre-schedule a demo online, or stop by booth #1504.
About Synchrono
Synchrono® LLC enables the demand-driven visual factory of the future; synchronizing people, processes, machines, materials and data to drive production flow from order inception to delivery. The award winning Synchrono Demand-Driven Manufacturing Platform includes a production planning, scheduling and execution system; ekanban inventory replenishment and supply chain collaboration software; a data collection, historian and automated workflow engine; alert management and monitoring software; and a real-time visual factory information system. The Platform components may be implemented independently or collectively to enable the Internet of Things and an unprecedented foundation for communication, collaboration and continuous improvement. Synchrono helps clients manage constraints, improve flow and drive on-time delivery to maintain a competitive edge. Sync with us at and follow the Demand-Driven Matters blog at

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