Wilmington Machinery Goes Big @ NPE 2024

Stop by Booth W1121 to see firsthand an array of large low-pressure injection molded parts and to learn more about the advantages of Low Pressure Molding.

Wilmington Machinery is a recognized leader in producing large-part, low-pressure injection molding machines with shot capacities to 300 lb. (135 kg). The combination of two-stage (extruder/accumulator) and configurable multi-nozzle injection with Versafil control results in strong, lightweight, and economical products. Long-life, low-cost molds, very long-life machinery, and the ability to mold 100% recycled plastics are hallmarks of our process!

Wilmington Machinery offers Seven Low Pressure Machine sizes with configurable single or dual injection. Utilizing large platens up 15'6" (4.7m) long and 9'0" (2.7m) tall for making one large part or multiple parts, 4-6 molds, in a single cycle, resulting in less floor space, fewer machines, less labor and greater profits!

Why choose structural foam for large parts compared to standard injection molding?

Structural foam molding is a process that allows the production of large, lightweight parts with a high strength-to-weight ratio.

For over 50 years molders have relied on Wilmington Machinery for its expertise in structural foam molding. The company also offers gas assist technology and turnkey solutions including robotics, molds, chillers, gas generators, and mold chilling accessories.

The company located in Wilmington NC can also incorporate innovative or proprietary technologies and design features in their injection molding machines. In addition, their engineering support team continues to help customers optimize their production processes for large parts, ensuring efficiency and quality.

Wilmington Machinery also provides customized solutions based on the specific needs of their clients and offers a full-service lab featuring a 500 ton Low Pressure Molding machine with a 70" x 80" platen for trials and product development.

If you are attending NPE be sure to stop by booth #W1121 to learn more about their Low Pressure Injection Molding machinery. If you are unable to attend contact them to learn more: https://wilmingtonmachinery.com/contact/

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