Industrial Internet Consortium Publishes COVID-19 Edition of Journal of Innovation

How IoT can help businesses ensure worker, consumer safety

The Industrial Internet Consortium® (IIC™) today announced the 15th edition of the Journal of Innovation (JoI) − IoT Enabling Fast Response to COVID and other Pandemics. As of this publication date, this New York Times chart shows more than 50.5 million worldwide cases of COVID-19 and more than 1.2 million deaths. This edition of The IIC Journal of Innovation shows how IoT will play a crucial role in helping IT organizations adjust to the "new normal," from working at home to social distancing.

"The impact on global business has been unprecedented as millions of workers have moved their offices to their homes," said Edy Liongosari, Co-Chair IIC Thought Leadership Task Group and Chief Research Scientist, Accenture Labs. "In this edition of the JoI, IIC members discuss how IoT can help companies protect themselves and others now and aftermath of the pandemic."

This edition of the JoI consists of expert guidance contributed by industry leaders from IIC member organizations, including the following articles:

Physical Distancing and Crowd Density Monitoring Using Computer Vision, by several authors from SAS Institute, including Saurabh Mishra, Hamza Ghadyali, Kedar Prabhud, Varunraj Valsaraj, Hardi Desai, and Ravi Shankar Subramanian. The article provides an analysis of physical distance compliance in everyday spaces using video, deep learning, and streaming analytics.
Safety Back to Work - How IoT is Enabling Redesign of Spaces in Response to COVID, by several authors from PwC Advisory, including Vijay Ujjain, Sanika Natu, Abhipsa Panigrahi, and Ayush Mishra. The article looks at how IoT and AI are helping to define safe workplaces for the new normal.
IoT-Enabled Global Process Validation System with Advanced Process Control (APC) Capabilities for Global Production Rollout of COVID-19 Vaccines, by Ramya Mopidevi of SAS Institute, which describes IoT processes for ensuring high manufacturing quality and accelerating production at the same time.
Advances in Connected Worker Technology in the Aftermath of the Pandemic, by Vijay Ujjain and Paul-Marc Schweitzer of PwC Advisory, which highlights IoT technologies and use cases that reimagine the future of work.
COVID-19 Can Create Opportunity for IoT in the Caribbean: A Necessary Digital Transformation, by Jason Robert Rameshwar, The University of the West Indies, which presents results of a survey that explores the potential of smart devices during the pandemic.
The Journal of Innovation highlights the innovative ideas, approaches, products, and services emerging within the industrial internet in areas such as digital twin, data, IoT and digital transformation, AI, smart cities, smart factory, and edge computing. Past and present Journal of Innovation editions can be viewed and downloaded online. To watch a Journal of Innovation webinar, click on the associated hyperlink, register, and watch on-demand.

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