Neousys Technology to Debut IGT-30 Industrial-grade ARM-based IoT Gateways with Built-in Analog Input Channels

Neousys Technology, an industrial-leading provider of rugged embedded systems, today announced its IGT-30 industrial IoT gateway series. Featuring built-in isolated analog input and digital input/output channels, IGT-30 series enable connecting to various sensors and transmitters for different IoT application needs. In compliance with common cloud services and industrial certifications, IGT-30 is shipped as a ready system with pre-installed Debian to dramatically help reduce system integration efforts.

IGT-30 series supports analog inputs that are applicable to sensors/transmitters such as temperature, humidity, gas, etc. for environment monitoring. Along with various I/Os such as LAN, COM, CAN bus, DIOs, and mPCIe, IGT-30 series can also transmit data to the cloud with optional modules. Its agility enables seamless connections between edge devices and cloud while offering real-time monitoring.

To operate on various power sources, IGT series supports wide-range DC input (12 to 25V) for existing machines. Moreover, IGT-30 series can operate in PoE Powered Device (PD) mode, which allows for easy off-site deployment and in tight spaces with steady power supply and data transmission while saving additional costs of connecting to an external power source.

For cloud services, IGT-30 series is certified by Microsoft Azure for IoT and AWS IoT Greengrass; as for WWAN services, IGT-30 series is certified to operate on AT&T and Verizon, which can benefit our customers through reliable cloud services and other IoT ecosystem partners.

In addition to the potential to be developed and integrate with ease, IGT-30 series comes with Debian installed and provides users with vast open-source resources, enabling value-added development at the application level, such as data wrangling, storage and visualization.

Designed for the industrial environment, IGT-30 series features Neousys' rugged fanless design, wide temperature operation (-25°C to 70°C), DIN-rail mounting and compact dimensions for harsh and confined conditions. Neousys' IGT-30 series aims to benefit IoT applications integrators through services from IoT ecosystems by offering a reliable, rugged hardware solution ready for development and deployment.

Neousys Technology IGT-30 series IIoT Gateways:

IGT-30D features 8x DI and 2x DO
IGT-31D features 8x DI and 2x DO and CAN bus
IGT-33V features 2x DI, 6x DO and 8 channel 0-10V analog input
IGT-34C features 2x DI, 6x DO and 4 channel 4-20mA analog input

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