Bag tipping station for handling hazardous powders

Industrial bag dumping station designed for the specific needs of the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries

The trend in the process industry, as for all industries today, is for more and more efficient use of plant and people's time. This is reflected in screening by the ever demanding requirements of processors for high efficiency - maximum throughput for minimum capital cost - low running and maintenance costs, greater life of wearing parts, high reliability (minimal downtime) and ever finer screening with no blinding of the sieve mesh.

The introduction of the COSHH regulations requires firms of all sizes to provide proper controls and safeguards in the workplace, where people may be exposed to hazardous substances. For example, the inhalation of dust can prove harmful and factory inspectors will not permit work to proceed continuously where only makeshift protection is provided. Alleged contravention of the regulations can lead to prosecution under the Health & Safety at Work Act. Ignorance is not an acceptable defence. All reasonable precautions must be taken and due diligence exercised to avoid committing an offence.
Where bagged ingredients are used, particularly in the food and pharmaceutical industries, check screening is essential to remove items such as pieces of paper and string and, possibly, hazardous materials. The opening and tipping of bags is usually a dusty operation, made even worse by handling empty bags, and potentially injurious to health.

Russell Finex were the first to identify the need for a high capacity check screening system that would contain dust and fit readily into existing process lines. Designed for low-level bag emptying and check screening of raw materials, the 3 in 1 sieving station has been developed to help companies in processing industries such as food, pharmaceuticals and chemicals. In industries where hygiene standards are of the highest order, operator protection is of paramount importance, and product quality must be beyond criticism the Russell 3 in 1 system can play a vital role. The performance of the 3 in 1 system has been specified to meet the demands of the highest standards and the strictest control measures. The low level bag emptying station is manufactured throughout in stainless steel. The dust hood is designed to connect with any existing dust extraction system and is integrated with a sieve deck to provide a dust-tight interface, eliminating the need for a flexible connector and, thereby, increasing hygiene efficiency. Clearance between the sieve outlet and the floor is sufficient to take a typical wheeled bin. The bag tipping height has been determined with the operator in mind and follows Health and Safety Executive guidance on manual handling tasks.

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