Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group announces Bredel heavy-duty hose pumps

Pumps Ideal for Paper + Pulp Industry

Venture Plastics Expands Again with Addition of Two New Nissei Injection Molding Presses

Venture Plastics, Inc. has purchased two new Nissei injection molding presses to meet customer growing demand.

FANUC and Rockwell Automation Form Coalition to Quickly Address Manufacturing Skills Gap with Robotics and Automation Apprenticeship Programs

FANUC America and Rockwell Automation have launched accelerated work and learn apprenticeship programs for robotics and automation. The programs are designed to help create a pipeline of skilled workers.

WAI Global Features Starters and Alternators for Forklift

Company provides immediate access to the most superior products available


• Korea also leading the pack, but Germany falters • Rubber and plastics machinery sector gains new significance in the light of the pandemic • Semiconductors and electronics machinery sector emerges virtually unscathed

Laser processing revolutionizes prototype production of car tires. Jenoptik and 4JET jointly launch new technology.

The technology enables rapid prototyping of vehicle tires through precise laser material processing. In this process, individual profiles and designs are laser-generated into tires with a smooth tread and neutral sidewall. The process replaces the time-consuming manual carving of tires and thus significantly shortens development cycles and prototyping costs in tire development.

SMAC's LDL linear electric actuator is cost competitive with pneumatic cylinders.

LDL makes upgrading pneumatics to electric a no-brainer.

Promoting Sustainability in Plastic Manufacturing

In light of that negative reputation, the plastic manufacturing industry needs to initiate changes to make the entire sector - as well as the product itself - more sustainable. What can we do to promote sustainability in plastic manufacturing?

UltraFlex performs induction brazing for medical instruments at ~1400°F (760°C) within mere 8 seconds

Apart from being a super fast and clean process with high-quality results, this induction brazing process was also energy-efficient, with up to 90% of the energy being converted into heat in the part.

Why CNC Machining and AI Make a Perfect Match

What's next for the world of CNC operators? An increasing move to incorporate artificial intelligence, or AI, into operations. Over the next several years, CNC machining could see something of a revolution that includes machines that respond to Alexa-like voice commands.

Systems Integrators Say Composite Engineered Wood Flooring Offers Greater Value Than Concrete, Bar or Plank Grating Flooring Options for Elevated Work Platforms

According to respondents in the newly released "Optimizing Space and Supporting Automation with Elevated Flooring and Mezzanines" report, the three most commonly used elevated flooring types are concrete (70.2%), composite engineered wood flooring (59.0%), and bar or plank grate (49.0%).

Auburn Bearing & Manufacturing Acquires Aurotek TSB, Inc.

Auburn Bearing & Manufacturing announces that it has acquired the assets of Aurotek TSB, Inc., a fellow bearing manufacturer specialized in the production of precision thin section bearings.

Compressed Air Open Blowing White Paper

Compressed air is a limited resource that is generated in-house for the benefit of many operations within the manufacturing environment. Learn how to ensure all point of use applications are using your compressed air in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Wematter expands its 3D-printing ecosystem with new hardware for improved mechanical properties

Wematter Atmosphere provides improved control of build chamber conditions in the SLS 3D-printer Gravity for increased part density, surface finish, and mechanical performance

The Next Challenge for Predictive Maintenance: Evolving Your Team's Skill Set

When advanced manufacturing technology handles diagnostic work, you can free up technicians' time to focus on undertakings with a greater impact on the business at large.

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Parvalux Conveyor Belt Motors

Parvalux Conveyor Belt Motors

British-made Parvalux geared motors are used in a huge range of industrial applications in almost 80 countries. We manufacture conveyor belt motors, automatic shutter motors, packaging motors and much more. When you need reliable operation, you can trust Parvalux to safely power your application.