Sweden’s Hexagon AB is connecting its reality capture and manufacturing platforms to NVIDIA Omniverse so enterprises can more easily develop and deploy digital twin applications.

NVIDIA and Hexagon Deliver Suite of Solutions for Accelerating Industrial Digitalization
NVIDIA and Hexagon Deliver Suite of Solutions for Accelerating Industrial Digitalization

Brian Harrison | NVIDIA


For industrial businesses to reach the next level of digitalization, they need to create accurate, virtual representations of their physical systems.

NVIDIA is working with Hexagon, the Stockholm-based global leader in digital reality solutions combining sensor, software and autonomous technologies, to equip enterprises with the tools and solutions they need to build physically accurate, perfectly synchronized, AI-enabled digital twins that can be used to transform their organizations.

Hexagon is building integrations from their HxDR reality-capture and Nexus manufacturing platforms to NVIDIA Omniverse, an open platform for developing and operating industrial metaverse applications via Universal Scene Description (“OpenUSD”) plug-ins. The connected platforms, powered by NVIDIA AI technologies, will provide benefits across Hexagon’s major ecosystems, including agriculture, autonomous mobility, buildings, cities, defense, infrastructure, manufacturing and mining.

Together, these solutions deliver seamless, collaborative planning through a unified view, so industrial customers can better optimize workflows and improve efficiencies at scale. Professionals and developers will be able to use advanced capabilities in reality capture, digital twins, AI, simulation and visualization to enhance the most complex graphics workflows — from virtual prototyping to digital factories.


Fusing Physical and Digital Worlds Into One Reality

The $46 trillion manufacturing industry encompasses millions of factories worldwide designing and developing new products. Digitalization allows manufacturers to tackle the most complex engineering problems in more efficient, productive ways. It also brings industrial businesses one step closer to automating their workflows  and becoming software-defined, which means improving operational efficiency and transforming their services with software.

At the HxGN LIVE Global event, Hexagon and NVIDIA showcased how their integrated offering can help teams accelerate their digitalization journeys. Watch the demo below to see how designers, engineers and others can use the Omniverse platform to quickly aggregate and simulate ultra-complex data from Hexagon’s HxDR and Nexus platforms.

Hexagon is also developing an AI-enabled web application, based on Omniverse, which will allow teams to see real-time comparisons of digital twins and their physical counterparts, so they can accelerate decision-making while optimizing planning and operations. This solution will help enterprises unlock more collaborative workflows and achieve rapid iteration across their teams, wherever they’re located.

With this announcement, the Omniverse ecosystem will benefit from Hexagon’s digital reality expertise, including geospatial reality capture, sensors, software and autonomous technologies. Enterprises will be able to build, simulate, operate and optimize virtual worlds faster, more accurately and easier than ever before.


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