The competition for projects is fierce for machine builders and system integrators. Speed is crucial. Here, we review UniLogic, the development environment from Unitronics’; say goodbye to expensive licensing fees and cut your time to market.

Cutting Your Time to Market: a Review of UniLogic All-in-One Software from Unitronics: PLC, HMI, I/O, MOTION—All-in-One.

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The competition for projects is fierce for machine builders and system integrators. Speed is crucial; long development times inflate costs, especially when combined with supply bottlenecks. Your ability to efficiently and rapidly create your applications is an integral factor in reducing time to market. Here, we review UniLogic, the application development environment for Unitronics’ industrial automation products: PLC, HMI, Servo and VFD's.

Can Application Development with UniLogic cut time to market?

The short answer: Yes.

All-in-One software such as UniLogic can slash development time by as much as 50%. 

UniLogic enables developers to work in one simple, ergonomically-designed, intelligent environment to accomplish every aspect of application development—hardware configuration and setup, all communications from fieldbus device to cloud, control and HMI applications, VFD and Servo Motion, data logging and management and more. This integrated approach eliminates the need for multiple software tools and streamlines the overall development process. 

Let’s review some of the time-saving aspects of UniLogic: 

Streamlined Development

Whether you are configuring hardware and communications, creating captivating HMI screens, or writing ladder logic, UniLogic’s intuitive working environment facilitates speed.

  • UniLogic’s Built-in editors simplify application programming.
    The dedicated Ladder editor allows you to rapidly build the PLC control application error-free using drag-drop-snap functions—or to create functions in C.
    The HMI/Web page editor enables elegant screen design via drag & drop graphics, user controls, and widgets, easy display of running Trend graphs & Gauges, .pdfs, the ability to play audio, & stream video—and comprises a large, free graphics library. UniLogic also provides multi-language support, including for double-byte Asian languages: it is simple to integrate translated languages, and the HMI display language can be switched in an instant

  • The Build-it-Once, then Reuse paradigm allows you to create UDFBs (User Defined Function Blocks)in Ladder or C, HMI screens and Web Pages, and then add them to your UniLogic Library. Users can then drag & drop them anywhere, including across projects—UniLogic handles the tags. 

  • Tag Database + Structs: In addition to user-created tags, UniLogic automatically creates structs—data tags of different types organized into a single unit—to simplify configuring and managing hardware, communication, and complex functions such as PID. 

  • Communication via Configuration—not programming. Cut out communication setup: all Unitronics devices--PLC, HMI, VFD, Servo, Remote I/O—all communicate transparently.
    Industrial Fieldbus incredibly fast & easy to implement, data communications are independent of Ladder. Plug & Play EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, MODBUS TCP/RTU, CANopen, CAN Layer 2, BACnet Server, Hart, and more--–simply configure and go. In addition, UniLogic’s built-in Message Composer enables datacom via any Ethernet, CANbus/serial 3rd -party protocol.


Motion with UniLogic: Plug & Play

Unitronics produces a broad range of AC Servo Drives and Motors as well as VFDs to suit any size application. 

  • UniLogic’s Servo Made Simple reduces the complexity of one of automation’s most complex, time-demanding tasks. Hardware integration is instant and seamless--Servos, Motors, PLC, HMI, VFD— setup is automatic and communications are totally transparent.

  • Free, Ready-Made Motion code enables users to get moving immediately – no programming needed. You simply tap a panel – even mobile – to:
    – Set motion parameters
    – Monitor Axis behavior and I/Os
    – Execute movements, such as Point-to-Point, Jog, and Homing


Industry 4.0, Minus the Complexity

UniLogic supports Industry 4.0 technologies, as well as Unitronics own Cloud solution, a simple Do-it-Yourself platform that enables users to tailor an IIoT solution to the needs of their specific business.

  • Use IT technologies to bridge the gap between OT and IT—from the production floor up to the MES with UniLogic’s embedded support for MQTT, OPC-UA, SQL Connector, FTP, SNMP, REST and more.

  • UniLogic transparently integrates Unitronics controllers with the UniCloud end-to-end IIoT platform designed specifically for machine builders. The no-code platform makes it easy to embed Cloud services into any application—without Cloud or IT expertise.


Robust, Field-Hardened Software—Forever Free

Unitronics’ history of revolutionary concepts spans more than three decades. This is the company that pioneered both all-in-one PLC + HMI integrated controllers, and the all-in-one software needed to program them. 

UniLogic by Unitronics, developed to support award-winning UniStream controllers, is a game-changer in the industrial automation landscape. This programming environment significantly reduces development time, while providing user-friendly interfaces, comprehensive features, and broad communication protocol support, making it a valuable asset for machine builders, OEMs, and system integrators in diverse industries. By integrating hardware configuration, motion control, ladder programming, and HMI applications into a single platform, UniLogic empowers users to complete automation projects on time and within budget.

With UniLogic, Unitronics continues to push the boundaries of innovation, providing cutting-edge solutions that drive industrial automation forward.

To read full technical details—or download UniLogic for a test-drive-- head to:



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