When you are choosing an electric motor for your application, there are several variables to consider, including the intended industry application and the type of motor that will be most suited to your requirements. This is where custom electric motors are most helpful.

How To Choose A Suitable Electric Motor For Your Application
How To Choose A Suitable Electric Motor For Your Application

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At Parvalux, we understand that every electric motor is chosen specifically to provide efficient and reliable power to a wide range of potential applications, each with its own requirements. When you are choosing an electric motor for your application, there are several variables to consider, including the intended industry application and the type of motor that will be most suited to your requirements. This is where custom electric motors are most helpful, because they enable you to precisely specify the type of electric motor that suits your needs and ensure that it has the right starting torque and offers sufficient power in operation.


Types of electric motor

As a leading electric motor manufacturer, we can custom-build any motor to suit your specification and we offer four main types of electric motor, each of which has proven to be successful in a range of common applications.

  • AC Motors – This type of motor is durable and requires low power for start-up. AC motors are ideal for applications that require controlled acceleration and a constant speed. For example, air conditioning units will use these types of motor because they require constant control
  • DC Motors – There are several types of DC motor but a standard brushed motor is most commonly used in industrial environments. Custom DC motors use brushes, which makes them slightly higher maintenance than other motor options but it means they offer a very high starting torque, which might be a consideration for the specific application. If you work with applications that need to get going straight away, then a DC motor will be the answer
  • BLDC Motors – As the name suggests, a BLDC motor (Brushless DC motor) works in a similar way to a DC motor, but without the brushes. This makes it a low maintenance option and increases the lifespan on the motor. In addition, BLDC motors offer quiet operation, making them perfect for applications and industries that need reliable operation and low maintenance, such as in healthcare equipment. Therefore, you will often find these types of motors in patient hoists and ventilator pumps, for example
  • PMDC Motors – Our final type of motor is the permanent magnet DC motor. This type of motor can be built smaller than the other motors we manufacture, which means they are often used in the leisure industry and even in computers. Like our other custom DC motors, they have a high starting torque and work well in conjunction with our gearbox solutions


Consider Your Industry

The most important factor in choosing custom electric motors is the application. If you are building equipment to be used in a hospital environment, then you won’t want an electric motor that may require lots of maintenance or is noisy. In this case, it’s best to avoid PMDC motors and consider a BLDC motor or even an AC motor solution.

As leaders in custom electric motors and gearboxes, Parvalux designs and manufactures motors that are used globally in a wide range of industrial applications. One of the best examples of this is our VIPER3, a DC motor used to power large windscreen wipers in the maritime, rail and road transport industries. A major benefit of this motor is its durability in extreme weather conditions, making it suitable for use on land and sea. If your application requires a robust solution, for instance, if it requires exposure to varying weather conditions or will be in constant use, it’s important to choose an electric motor that has the durability to handle those demands.


Efficiency, Torque and Maintenance

As mentioned earlier, the specific requirements of an electric motor are dictated by the application but understanding the performance that is required is also key. Consider its likely duty cycle and whether the speed needs to be constant or is likely to vary.

For example, if you have a conveyor system that needs to run constantly at a fixed speed, then an AC motor will likely be a good choice. However, if your conveyor is used in the food manufacturing industry then a BLDC motor is more appropriate, as you can vary the speed and direction more easily. As a electric motor manufacturer, Parvalux is happy to discuss your industry needs and help you decide how to fulfil your exact motor requirements.


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Parvalux Electric Motors Ltd

Parvalux Electric Motors Ltd

Parvalux is a leading global manufacturer of geared motor solutions with over 70 years' experience in creating the perfect combination of motor and gearbox to match the customer's application. Whilst we offer thousands of standard options we can easily customize any motor or gearbox to meet your exact requirements at no or minimal extra cost. Our design team can work closely with your own to optimize your solution for your application helping you to secure a genuine competitive advantage in your market. Our products are found in hundreds of applications but we are particularly strong in healthcare, leisure, mobility, transport, and a diverse range of industrial applications.

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