GROB Systems Announces Compact, Versatile and Economical Robot Cell

The introduction of the GRC-R12 robot cell broadens GROB's range of automation solutions for creating flexible manufacturing cells.

Ultimation Adds Curved Conveyors to its Quick-Ship Offerings for Greater Material Handling Flexibility

Motor-driven roller curves allow manufacturers and distributors to easily create full-loop systems for better space utilization

Could Energy-Harvesting Technology Power IoT Devices of the Future?

It's particularly challenging to be too reliant on battery-powered IoT devices in industries like manufacturing and logistics. Many factories now have 24/7 operations, meaning there are no feasible downtime periods for recharging.

Automate 2023 Announces Powerhouse Lineup of Keynote Speakers

Leaders from Michigan State University, NASA, Siemens, MIT and Ericsson to share insights on machine learning, 5G, digitization, team building, and more

Patti Engineering Unveils New Logo and Website in 2023 Rebranding Project

Patti Engineering unveils its 2023 rebranding project, complete with a sleek new logo and a redesigned website. The changes reflect the company's commitment to excellence, innovation, and cutting-edge technologies. Discover the improvements made to the website and learn about Patti Engineering's continued dedication to providing exceptional solutions for their clients.

Cognite Data Fusion® Achieves Industry First DNV Compliance for Digital Twins

Cognite Data Fusion® is the first software platform to achieve compliance with DNV-RP-A204, the energy industry's recommended practice on how to build and quality-assure digital twins

Celera Motion Launches Innovative Inductive Encoder Solution for Automation in Extreme Conditions

The new Field Calibration IncOder offers both optical encoder accuracy and inductive robustness, enabling precise measurements in the most challenging environments

Predictive Quality Analytics in Manufacturing: How AI and Machine Learning are Transforming the Industry

With predictive analytics quality management, manufacturers may now identify and avoid quality issues before they arise by utilizing cutting-edge technology like AI and machine learning (ML), which has significantly improved productivity and profitability.

Cincoze Announces New Thin Embedded Dual-purpose Computer - P1201 Series, Combining Performance and Flexibility

The P1201 packs the improved computing performance of the Intel Elkhart Lake platform into a thin and light body (204.5 x 149 x 41.5 mm) with flexible expansion options.

Advantech Partners with Axelera AI to Revolutionize Edge AI Technology

Advantech, a leading provider of AIoT platforms and services, is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Axelera AI, the deep tech startup that recently introduced the Metis AI Platform, a powerful, cost-effective, and easy-to-use hardware and software platform for computer vision inference at the edge.

RealWear Advances Full Productivity Platform for Frontline Professionals

Today RealWear Launches RealWear Connect, RealWear App Marketplace, and Developer Toolkit

MRPeasy Obtains ISO 27001 Certification for Information Security

MRPeasy's information security practices and policies demonstrate the software provider's total commitment to the safety of customer data.

The 8 Wastes of Lean Manufacturing

The lean manufacturing methodology chiefly revolves around minimizing production times and raising efficiency by eliminating waste. In this post, we go through the 8 principal wastes in lean manufacturing and see how manufacturing software can help to address them.

Manufacturing Managers are Struggling with an Increased Workload

47 per cent of managers have seen their responsibilities increase since COVID

BMG Announces the Mantis™ Robotic Trim Press Handler from NAS Nalle Automation Systems

Compact, flexible and configurable robotic system enables full automated handling of trim press products

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Automation & IIoT - Featured Product

The ERT150 - Dorner's Next Evolution of Edge Roller Technology Conveyors

The ERT150 - Dorner's Next Evolution of Edge Roller Technology Conveyors

The next evolution in Dorner's Edge Roller Technology conveyor platform, the ERT®150, is ideal for small and light-load assembly automation, as well as medical and medical-device assembly application. The ERT platform is the only pallet conveyor of its kind available with an ISO Standard Class 4 rating for cleanroom applications. Earning the ISO Standard 14644-1 Class 4 rating means Dorner's ERT150 will conform and not contribute to the contamination of cleanrooms to those standards. As implied by its name, the ERT150 (Edge Roller Technology) uses rollers to move pallets through the conveyor smoothly with no friction (a byproduct often seen in belt-driven platforms). The conveyor's open design eliminates concerns of small parts or screws dropping into rollers and causing conveyor damage or jamming. The ERT150 is suited to operate in cleanroom environments requiring a pallet handling conveyor. It is capable of zoning for no or low-back pressure accumulation and is ideal for automation assembly applications within industries including medical devices, electronics, consumer goods among others.