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ManufacturingTomorrow Newsletter - 04/02/2024

ManufacturingTomorrow Newsletter - 04/02/2024
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A data-driven approach to supply chain management

Q&A with Bruce Herbert, Strategic Advisor | TMX Transform
On my journey within the manufacturing sector, I've learned that the challenges and trends remain constant, but the approaches to addressing them are continuously evolving. This dynamic presents new opportunities, particularly in fiercely competitive markets.

The Power of Traceability: The Ultimate Shield Against Product Recall Risks

Deb Geiger, VP Global Marketing, | Aegis Software
Regulatory bodies worldwide enforce stringent controls and conduct frequent audits, making it imperative for manufacturers to have a handle on every facet of their production process.

Practical Reverse Engineering - Choosing the Right Tools for the Job

James Coy, Application Engineer | Verisurf Software, Inc.
In the big picture, RE is a subset of digital measurement, which is the driver behind other manufacturing applications, including quality inspection, tool building, assembly guidance, and more.

How Ethernet Cameras Are Making a Comeback with New, Powerful Features

Prabu Kumar | e-con Systems
In this blog, you’ll get expert insights about the role of Ethernet cameras in embedded vision, their challenges, and the exciting features that continue to make PoE technology extremely valuable.

3D Printing Powers Wind Turbine Research At TU Berlin

Case Study from | BigRep
On average, wind turbine blades are a massive 80 meters long. When it comes to reengineering these towering blades, no other technology offers the freedom, precision, and adaptability to scale parts quite like 3D printing.

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Gather AI Raises $17M to Accelerate Growth and Bring Warehouses into the Modern Era with AI-Powered Inventory Monitoring
V-827 Wide-Body Linear Stage Family for Precision Automation
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To maximize the productivity of an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) or automatic guided vehicle (AGV) deployment, it's critical to create the optimal environment that allows the vehicles to perform at their peak. For that reason, Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC® ( created the TriGard® ESD Ultra finish for its ResinDek® engineered flooring panels. The TriGard ESD Ultra finish is ideal for high-traffic robotic applications characterized by highly repetitive movement patterns and defined travel paths.

Learn More About ResinDek / Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products

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Our instant quoting platform and nationwide network of machine shops is transforming American manufacturing. We make it easy for all customers - from startups to Fortune 500 companies - to access manufacturing on demand by providing the most efficient way to source high-quality parts.

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