Advanced Microwave Engineering (AME) to showcase new safety innovations at SIL in Barcelona

Florence, May 21, 2024 - Advanced Microwave Engineering (AME), a provider of occupational safety technology, is set to showcase its latest advancements at SIL Barcelona from June 5th to 7th. AME's newest offerings, AMESPHERE VISTA and AMESPHERE ONE, reinforce its commitment to providing active safety solutions.

AME has established itself as a leader in developing and delivering advanced safety solutions serving customers in over 30 countries. AME is paying close attention to Spain due to the growing interest among industry workers in active prevention and anti-collision systems. AME's proactive engagement in Spain has earned them trust and admiration from both customers and the public, further solidifying their position in the region.

AME CEO Filippo Bonifacio said, "We are excited to connect with industry leaders and present our latest safety innovations at SIL Barcelona. In Spain, a profound emphasis is placed on preemptive safety protocols, a paradigm that has catalysed our substantial growth trajectory over the years. Our expertise in technology plays a key role in strengthening safety standards for vehicles and operators, and we are enthusiastic about driving its development in the Spanish market".

The Amesphere Ecosystem: A Holistic Approach to Safety

AME offers a comprehensive safety ecosystem designed to create a safer working environment inside complex industrial settings. At its core is Amesphere Alpha, the flagship product, offering real-time plant safety monitoring through wearable tags and in-vehicle sensors. These sensors transmit pedestrian locations to a designated driver's tablet, known as the 'Amesphere tablet.' The data generated is then processed through the cloud-based Amesphere platform, where advanced algorithms analyse it to produce the Efficiency Safety Indicator (ESI). This is a unique metric that offers insights into both safety and operational efficiency, providing a holistic view of workplace safety.

AME recently expanded the Amesphere ecosystem with two innovative additions:

• AMESPHERE VISTA: This solution enhances the existing Local Positioning System (LPS) functionality of Amesphere by utilizing integrated AI cameras for precise detection of pedestrians, regardless of whether they are wearing tags.

• AMESPHERE ONE: This is designed specifically for smaller vehicles, and it offers a compact, all-in-one sensor with customizable detection zones for advanced collision avoidance.

Bonifacio added," AMESPHERE VISTA and AMESPHERE ONE further strengthen our vision to providing comprehensive safety solutions across industries. Our solutions are contemporary and is designed to help users to continuously analyse data using algorithms to assess risks, trends, and insights and transform raw data into actionable insights. With our latest offering, we hope to help businesses to take proactive steps towards a safer and more efficient workplace."

AME will be showcasing the entire Amesphere suite at stand C 366 with a dedicated approach to meeting the needs of the customers. With a future-oriented vision and a steadfast commitment to excellence, AME is all prepared to achieve new milestones and consolidate its position in the Spanish market.

About Advanced Microwave Engineering (AME)

AME Srl is a hi-tech company specializing in workplace safety technologies with headquarters in Florence and offices in Stuttgart and Virginia, USA and more than 1100 customers and partners in more than 20 countries on all continents. It has 25 of experience in the research and development of integrated Safety & Security solutions and has become globally recognized for its cutting-edge technology and innovative approach to ‘active safety'. Today, AME operates in a wide range of sectors including Ports, Steel Mills, Industrial and Paper Mills, Food & Beverage and Pharma & Chemicals.

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