Patti Engineering and Arduino to Host Webinar on Digitizing Legacy Systems for Industry 4.0

Patti Engineering will partner with Arduino to host an educational webinar titled "Digitizing Your Legacy Systems" on May 23, 2024 at 2pm EST. Sam Hoff, CEO of Patti Engineering, will discuss upgrading legacy systems and Industry 4.0 trends with Arduino Solutions Architect Robby Mite.

AUBURN HILLS, MI — May 16, 2024 — Patti Engineering, Inc., a leading control system integration company with offices in Michigan, Texas, and Indiana, today announced its collaboration with Arduino, a global leader in open-source hardware and software, to offer an educational webinar on digitization in manufacturing. The webinar, titled "Digitizing Your Legacy Systems," will be hosted by Arduino on May 23, 2024 at 2:00pm EST.

"Arduino is excited to collaborate with our Platinum Partner Patti Engineering in the upcoming educational webinar," said Paul Kaeley, Strategic Sales Advisor to Arduino. "We will discuss the strategies to consider when upgrading legacy systems, unlocking new capabilities within the facility, and navigating cybersecurity concerns."

The webinar will feature Patti Engineering CEO Sam Hoff to share insights into improving performance of legacy systems. Hoff will discuss how the Arduino platform can be used to bypass older equipment control systems including legacy PLCs that were never setup for data collection and analysis. This enables the collection of diagnostics data to be retrieved from a machine without having to modify the legacy control system resulting in improvement opportunities for overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Patti Engineering has deep industry knowledge in updating legacy systems with a portfolio of successful projects in Industry 4.0, robotics, control systems integration, and asset tracking.

"This webinar is the first joint effort between Patti Engineering and Arduino, combining our knowledge and experience to address the process of digitizing legacy systems," said Sam Hoff, CEO of Patti Engineering. "We are looking forward to discussing the range of considerations that come with embracing advancements in Industry 4.0, digitizing your systems, and how our partnership with Arduino can help to streamline operations."

Patti Engineering recently joined the Arduino System Integrators Partnership Program as a Platinum Partner, with plans to use Arduino as a cost-effective Edge device for legacy machinery. With a goal of reducing reliance on IO modules and enabling a platform-agnostic approach for end-products, the partnership allows Patti Engineering to assist clients in digitizing plant-floor data by connecting machinery to both Edge and Cloud platforms.

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