SprintRay Introduces Pro 2 3D Printer with Array of New Features

-Proprietary New Optical Panel Delivers Best in Class Anatomy with More Precise Marginal Fit -Company's First Direct Print Retainer Resin Announced

SprintRay, the market leader in dental 3D printing, revealed the latest in their line of desktop 3D printers, Pro 2, along with two new resins from the Company's BioMaterial Innovation Lab - a direct-print Retainer, and a next-gen Dental Model resin. Building on a recently announced partnership with Ivoclar, SprintRay announced plans to validate Ivoclar resins with the SprintRay 3D printing ecosystem, expanding access to a comprehensive range of restorative materials. These innovations will allow dentists and orthodontists to deliver care faster with more flexibility than ever before.

Pro 2 Matches Precision with Throughput
Pro 2 is the first 3D printer from SprintRay powered by all-new Optical Panel technology, featuring a 35-micron XY resolution and 385 nm UV light. The proprietary new light engine can print up to 6 full-arch dental models in 15 minutes with more than 99% dimensional stability. Paired with the all-new Dental Model and direct print Retainer resins, Pro 2 is set to help dentists fabricate appliances with best-in-class anatomy and a precise marginal fit.

"Previously, dentists had to choose between precision and production throughput. Pro 2 eliminates this paradigm," said Amir Mansouri, PhD, Co-Founder and CEO. "The Pro 2 prints with industry-leading speed, has a large build area, and is extremely accurate, making it a single machine perfect for both high-volume orthodontic production and precise restorative appliances."

Next-gen Materials from SprintRay's Biomaterial Innovation Lab and Partners
The SprintRay Biomaterial Innovation Lab is a hub dedicated solely to advancing material science and the art of the possible with dental 3D printing.

SprintRay Retainer: A resin enabling direct 3D printing of retainers, eliminating traditional labor steps for faster production and same-day delivery.
SprintRay Dental Model: Advanced resin for orthodontic and dental models, offering significant speed improvements and accuracy for digital workflows.
Ivoclar Resins: Combined with SprintRay's growing resin portfolio, the addition of Ivoclar's resins will equip dentists and labs with more access to an expanded library of leading materials.
SprintRay's Pro 2 3D printer and resin portfolio are available for purchase and begin shipping this summer.

About SprintRay
SprintRay is a dental technology company that builds end-to-end 3D printing solutions for dental professionals. SprintRay designs and manufactures user-friendly and cutting-edge dental equipment including 3D printers and post-processing ecosystems, 3D printing software featuring AI technology, and innovative 3D resins. Dental care providers can deliver best-in-class service by leveraging SprintRay's highly specialized, affordable technologies. For more information, visit www.sprintray.com.

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