NEOL Copper Technologies' breakthrough no-SAPS heavy-duty engine lubricant reduces emissions, pioneering sustainability in lubricant industry

NEOL Copper Technologies announces the successful completion of a pioneering test, which marks a significant advancement in their mission to transform the engine lubricant industry.

London, May 2024: NEOL Copper Technologies Ltd announces the successful completion of a pioneering test, marking a significant advancement in the company's mission to transform the engine lubricant industry. Neol's innovative SAE 10W-30 heavy-duty diesel engine lubricant has successfully undergone a rigorous 464-hour performance and endurance test in an 11.8-litre Cummins engine.

What sets this test apart is the utilisation of the company's proprietary no-SAPS (Sulphated Ash, Phosphorous, and Sulphur) performance additive technology, representing a needed step-wise evolution in lubricant technology used in commercial vehicles today.  This innovation not only ensures superior engine performance but also aligns with environmental sustainability goals by reducing carbon emissions. The true potential and possible necessity to go to ultra-low ash technologies are now being recognised by the original equipment manufacturer (OEMs), and we will see new performance specifications and oils available for 2026-2027 to align with the introduction of Euro 7 air emission legislation. The evaluation procedure of Neol's engine lubricant adhered to the OEM test protocol, ensuring credibility and reliability in assessing performance.

The controlled and systematic evaluation of Neol's CuGlide™-powered engine lubricant over an extended period of time in the turbocharged Cummins CNVI emission standard engine involved both "performance testing" and "endurance testing" with a measured assessment against an approved API CK-4 SAE 10W-30 Cummins engine oil (referred to as "Standard Oil").

Four performance tests were performed in the following sequence:

Standard fresh oil,
Neol fresh oil before an endurance test,
Neol oil after an endurance test,
A final functional test on a fresh sample of Neol oil.

Each performance test ran the engine under a range of load conditions to assess power outputs, friction, fuel efficiency (as BSFC [brake specific fuel consumption]), emissions (using WHTC [World Harmonised Transient Cycle] and WHSC [World Harmonised Steady-State Cycle]) and overall performance.

The endurance test was 300 hours with the engine running 1200 cycles of alternating speed and load according to the Cummins standard testing protocol. The primary Neol oil completed a total of 464 engine hours in adherence to the 3-phases (performance-endurance-performance) testing protocol.

According to engine type approval limits, the Neol oil performed at the same level as the fresh standard oil before and after undertaking a 300-hour endurance test.

The results of this controlled engineering program of work demonstrate satisfactorily the performance capabilities of a heavy-duty diesel engine lubricant solution based on ultra-low TBN (Total Base Number), no-SAPS, no-ZDDP (Zinc Dialkyl Dithiophosphate) technology in a 12L, 6 in-line cylinder engine designed and manufactured by a global leader in engine solutions.

"The groundbreaking results of our latest test exemplify NEOL's commitment to pioneering innovative solutions in the engine lubricant industry. Our no-SAPS CuGlide™ technology has demonstrated exceptional performance, setting a new standard for lubricant technology, which is not dependant on ash-containing detergents and harmful ZDDP. As we celebrate this milestone, we remain dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation, leading the way in developing lubricant solutions that not only meet but exceed industry expectations. We are steadfast in our mission to pioneer advancements that drive sustainability, efficiency, and performance in the global lubricants industry," stated Leyla Alieva, CEO of NEOL Copper Technologies Ltd.

Looking ahead, NEOL remains committed to advancing lubricant technology through ongoing testing initiatives. Further evaluations are planned for the Cummins X12 engine, along with an assessment of their SAE 0W-30 oil in a high-mileage Ford Transit van.


About NEOL Copper Technologies:  NEOL Copper Technologies Limited is a hard-science company dedicated to developing and manufacturing revolutionary technical lubricants, which are better for machines, and kinder to our environment. These lubricants are formulated using synthetic base oils, additised with our proprietary copper filming technology, CuGlide.

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