Panduit Launches Groundbreaking Base-16 Fiber Cabling System that Supports Speeds up to 1.6T

Base-8 Fiber Cabling System Also Available to Support Speeds from 40G to 400G

Panduit, a global leader in innovative electrical and network infrastructure solutions, is pleased to announce the release of its Base-16 Fiber Cabling System. This groundbreaking product available worldwide delivers high performance, unparalleled speed, and reliability for hyperscale, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and high-performance computing (HPC) applications.

Base-16 fiber supports native 400G, 800G, and 1.6T applications and includes breakout options to support configurations requiring 2x400G and 8x100G connectivity. Additionally, it offers high bandwidth and breakout lane capabilities and is used for applications with multiple fibers/channels for both Transmit and Receive. Base-16 fiber is available in both multimode and singlemode.

Panduit is also excited for the release of its Base-8 Fiber Cabling System that supports speeds from 40G to 400G. Dedicated to saving capital expenses, rack space, and power requirements, Base-8 fiber cables are extremely versatile and can be used in numerous settings including enterprise, colocation data center, multi-tenant data center or simple equipment closets.

"I am thrilled our Panduit Base-16 offering goes hand-in-hand with Base-8 to offer value and high bandwidth today as well as line up with future transceivers and bandwidth of 1.6T and beyond," said David Newman, product line manager of DC Connectivity at Panduit.

Visit to learn more about the Base-16 Fiber Cabling System while additional information on Base-8 can be accessed at

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