Meritech to Showcase Latest Hygiene Innovations at Food Safety Summit

Visit Booth 109 for Insightful Talks and Demonstrations of Cutting-Edge Hygiene Technologies

Golden, CO — Meritech, a leader in automated hygiene technology, announces it will be exhibiting at the Food Safety Summit, booth 109, from May 7th-9th, 20204 in Chicago, IL, where it will display its latest advancements in employee hygiene including the innovative Sole Clean Low Moisture Footwear Sanitizing Pan and the CleanTech® EVO Automated Handwashing Stations.

At the forefront of Meritech's exhibition is the Sole Clean Low Moisture Footwear Sanitizing Pan, a state-of-the-art solution that sanitizes footwear by eliminating over 99.9% of harmful pathogens such as Listeria and Salmonella. This system is particularly suited for dry manufacturing environments, featuring an alcohol-quat chemical blend that evaporates quickly post-application to reduce moisture entering production areas. The integration of this system with the CleanTech® EVO handwash stations provides a space-efficient solution that combines hand and footwear hygiene into one quick and easy 12-second step.

The summit will also feature Meritech's CleanTech® EVO Automated Handwashing Stations, which remove more than 99.9% of pathogens in 12 seconds with no cross-contamination between users. These systems support sustainability initiatives with recyclable solution cartridges and make hand hygiene training and compliance simpler for the food processing industry. The MBW Soles-Only Boot Scrubber will also be featured, showcasing its compact and hygienic design ideal for tight spaces. The Meritech boot scrubbers are available in various brush heights, designed to meet stringent hygiene standards for up to 9-inches up the side of work boots.

Meritech's involvement in the summit extends to a speaking engagement led by Paul Barnhill, Chief Technology Officer. The session, titled "Dry Footwear Sanitation in Food Processing," will delve into essential strategies for implementing effective dry footwear sanitation solutions in food processing facilities. The talk will cover selecting the right locations, validating processes, and maintaining consistency through training and automation. In addition, Scott Jones, Director of North American Sales at Meritech will host a live podcast discussing "Using Automation to Create a Culture of Hand Hygiene Compliance for Food Safety," based on insights from customers who have used automation to build a culture of good hand hygiene at their facility.

Meritech invites attendees to visit their booth, number 109, to witness live demonstrations of these technologies and discuss how they can be integrated into existing food processing environments to enhance hygiene compliance and safety.

For more information about Meritech's innovative hygiene solutions, visit:

About Meritech

Meritech makes the perfect hand wash easy, effective, and eco-friendly so that together, we can make the world a healthier and safer place. They are the inventors and sole manufacturers of CleanTech® Automated Handwashing Stations, the world's only technology clinically proven to remove more than 99.9% of harmful pathogens with each 12-second hand wash cycle. For over 35 years Meritech has manufactured its innovative automated hygiene technology 100% in the USA at their Golden, CO headquarters has served businesses across many industries including food processing, packaging, and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Learn more at:

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