ASRock Industrial Brings Top-tier Industrial Edge AIoT Solutions to AUTOMATE 2024

Join us at booth #3355 from May 6th to 9th in Chicago, USA for the exciting products and solutions.

Taipei, Taiwan (April 23, 2024) Unlock solutions in AUTOMATE 2024 with ASRock Industrial, presenting a multitude of solutions to elevate automation and transform your business. Showcases will include the newest Robust Edge AIoT Platform and Industrial IoT Controller products powered by Intel® Core™ 14th Gen Processors and NVIDIA® Jetson Orin NX SOM for a variety of industrial and edge AIoT usages. Visitors will also have the opportunity to witness live demonstrations of Robotic Control and Flying Trigger Solution, powered by the iEP-5010G and iEP-7022E Series Industrial IoT Controller from ASRock Industrial. Moreover, our exhibit will feature state-of-the-art Mini PCs- NUC(S) Ultra 100 BOX Series, 4X4 BOX 8040 Series, and upgraded industrial motherboards powered by Intel® Core™ 14th Gen Processors. Join us at booth #3355 from May 6th to 9th in Chicago, USA for the exciting products and solutions.

ASRock Industrial's latest lineup showcased in AUTOMATE 2024 includes the Robust Edge AIoT Platform and Industrial IoT Controller, harnessing the capabilities of Intel® Core 14th/13th Gen Processors and NVIDIA® Jetson Orin NX/Nano SOM. The product range includes the iEP-5010G, iEP-5000G, iEP-7020E, iEP-9030E, iEPF-9030S, and iEP-6010E Series, tailored for industrial edge AIoT computing with incredible performance, versatile I/O connectivity, expansions, wide-ranging temperature, and rugged design suited for harsh environment. Furthermore, we are thrilled to present the live demo of Robotic Control with iEP-5010G and the Flying Trigger solutions powered by the iEP-7022E Series. The iEP-5010G powered by Intel® Atom® x6000RE Processors (Elkhart Lake) brings scalability of robotics control to enhance automation. The iEP-7022E industrial IoT controller is powered by 13th Gen Intel® Core™ Processors, setting up the trigger module combined with precision camera detection and next-level product efficiency for your business.

Besides, what you can also find at the AUTOMATE 2024 is our Next-Gen Mini PC lineup, including the NUC(S) Ultra 100 BOX Series featuring Intel® Core™ Ultra Processors and 4X4 BOX 8040 Series with AMD Ryzen™ 8040U Series. Additionally, we will exhibit a range of Industrial Motherboards powered by Intel® Core™ 14th Gen Processors, NUC Ultra 100 Motherboard Series equipped with Intel® Core™ Ultra Processors, 4X4 8040 Motherboard Series featuring AMD Ryzen™ 8040U Series, and more models with different form factors. These comprehensive Mini PC and industrial motherboards provide top-notch selections for edge performance, industrial AIoT applications, and various other AI PC potentials.

Expect to see new products and learn more about what the future holds with ASRock Industrial. We are bringing diverse and innovative set of product development to AUTOMATE 2024. You are invited to join us from May 6th to 9th at booth #3355 in Chicago, USA to co-create an intelligent world together. To learn more about ASRock Industrial's products, please visit our Website or contact us at Product Inquiry.

About ASRock Industrial
ASRock Industrial Computer Corporation, established as an independent entity in July 2018, is a prominent industry player specializing in the development of motherboards, edge computers, and related solutions for the manufacturing, business, and retail sectors. As the world-leading provider of Industrial PC motherboards, our customers base spans the globe. Previously, it had been a business unit of ASRock Inc. (est. 2002) which was set up in 2011. ASRock Industrial now operates autonomously, allowing us to devote all resources to delivering exceptional B2B solutions.

Our vision is to cocreate an intelligent world, aligning with ASRock Industrial's core dedication to CARES (Commerce/Automation/Robot/Entertainment/Security) industries. With a central R&D design team comprising nearly 58% of our total staff, ASRock Industrial has the resources and expertise to develop cutting-edge, reliable products tailored to meet your business requirements. Our product portfolio encompasses both off-the-shelf offerings and customized solutions catered to the specific needs of OEMs/ODMs.

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