Fictiv Launches Nearshoring Solution for Production Injection Molding

OEMs can now source economical steel tools manufactured overseas and shipped to Mexico for reliable, nearshore production—seamlessly through Fictiv's global manufacturing network.

Fictiv, a global manufacturing company, today announced a new hybrid injection molding solution for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) who need the best possible tooling craftsmanship for reliable nearshore production. Through Fictiv's global manufacturing network, OEMs can seamlessly order high-quality, production-grade tools manufactured in China in as fast as 4 weeks and then transferred to Mexico. This service provides the best total cost of ownership for molding in Mexico, including expert tool packaging and transfer to Mexico from China, bringing together the best of all worlds.

This solution comes at a time when manufacturing companies are facing intense pressure to reduce costs and expand margins while simultaneously addressing global supply chain risks. According to research, 51% of manufacturing leaders reported in 2023 a desire to increase nearshoring as part of their global supply chain strategy.

This new offering from Fictiv provides customers unprecedented global supply chain flexibility and enables companies to increase their supply chain stability, lower tooling costs, reduce tariffs and shipping costs, and increase supply chain speed.

"We are seeing strong demand for shorter supply chains that mitigate the risk of disruption for critical production programs," said Ernesto Chacon, General Manager of Fictiv Mexico. "Mexico is a growing powerhouse for production manufacturing, and we're proud to provide our customers with unprecedented access to high-quality supply in new and emerging regions."

Setting up supply chains in new global regions is typically a very time and cash-intensive investment for manufacturing companies that can be prohibitive. Through its global network of highly-vetted manufacturing partners, digital quote-to-order platform, and regional teams around the world, Fictiv simplifies the process of setting up new supply chains, providing a faster, more economical path to market for manufacturing companies of all sizes.

Fictiv's new injection molding solution offers the following features and services:

Production-grade steel tools are produced overseas as fast as 4 weeks.
Nearshore part production as fast as 5 days.
PPAP quality analysis performed by Fictiv's tooling engineers.
In-depth DFM analysis from Fictiv's manufacturing engineering team.
Highly-vetted & managed injection molding suppliers.
Continual, hands-on support from Fictiv manufacturing engineers & program managers.
On-the-ground support from Fictiv quality and logistics experts globally.
Access to Fictiv's online platform for fast, easy quoting and order management.

About Fictiv

Fictiv is a global manufacturing company that simplifies sourcing for custom manufacturing, from prototype to low-volume production. Through its highly-vetted manufacturing network, AI-powered technology platform, and global operations centers across the USA, Mexico, India, and China, Fictiv delivers fast, high-quality custom manufacturing services from quote to delivery. Fictiv's capabilities span the full mechanical bill of materials, including Injection Molding, Compression Molding, 3D Printing, CNC Machining, Die Casting, and Sheet Metal. To date, Fictiv has delivered more than 30 million commercial and prototype parts for early-stage companies and large enterprises alike, helping them innovate faster, free up precious resources, and drive profitable growth.

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