GreyOrange Demonstrates Results-Driven Robotics During MODEX

GreyOrange will showcase how the vendor-agnostic GreyMatter fulfillment orchestration platform ensures seamless warehouse automation during live demos with partners in Booth #C5692 during MODEX

GreyOrange Inc., a leader in AI-driven fulfillment automation, is demonstrating what tailored results-driven robotics within fulfillment environments look like during MODEX 2024 in Atlanta at the Georgia World Congress Center. GreyOrange will also share some of its booth space with seven partner companies that are part of its Certified RangerTM Network (CRN) ecosystem.

"GreyOrange continues to set standards and advance the industry by partnering with credible hardware vendors as part of our Certified Ranger Network, including Hai Robotics, Quicktron, Youibot, Wellwit Robotics, Mushiny, Tompkins Robotics, and Cypher Robotics," said Akash Gupta, Co-Founder and CEO, GreyOrange. "Robots manufactured by each of the partnering companies seamlessly integrate with GreyOrange's fulfillment orchestration platform GreyMatter, allowing customers to use a combination of their preferred robot types or functions to get specific tasks completed."

The bots manufactured by the partnering vendors undergo extensive testing and are certified by GreyOrange. The integration of these solutions with GreyMatter exemplifies GreyOrange's ability to prepare its customers for the future of fulfillment by providing tailored end-to-end warehousing with guaranteed performance.

MODEX attendees can visit Booth #C5692 to engage with GreyOrange leaders during live demonstrations, including several Certified Ranger Network bots that will demonstrate how GreyMatter is providing "results-driven robotics" - also GreyOrange's MODEX theme - within automated warehouses. In addition, attendees will get to experience customer sites and cutting-edge automation through a VR experience.

"GreyOrange's GreyMatter - our fulfillment orchestration platform - seamlessly coordinates multiple process flows and hardware agents, including robots, to complete tasks efficiently," said Gupta. "Our demonstrations during MODEX will feature four distinct products - Rack-to-Person, Tote-to-Person, Assisted Picking and Intralogistics, with each robot or hardware solution manufactured by different vendors, yet harmoniously orchestrated by GreyMatter."

GreyOrange's MODEX in-person demonstrations are designed for 3PL providers, big box retailers, fashion, and industrial end users seeking innovative and future-proof automation solutions. Committed to GreyMatter's hardware agnostic capabilities, GreyOrange enables end users to select from various hardware service providers to complete work including Goods-to-Person (GTP) and other autonomous mobile robot (AMR) functions. GreyMatter's flexibility and configuring capabilities drive results by assigning multiple agents - robots and humans - to complete work across various areas of the distribution center and material flows to increase efficiency and scalability.

MODEX will be held at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta from March 11-14. Attendees from across the globe can register for the conference and schedule to meet with a GreyOrange subject matter expert to witness multiagent orchestration firsthand as AMRs from GreyOrange, HAI Robotics, Quicktron, YOUIBOT, Wellwit Robotics, and Mushiny work together for seamless fulfillment. Schedule a meeting by visiting

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