Datalogic presents 360° logistics solutions at MODEX 2024

Experience live demos, innovative products, and the future of automation: THE EASY SOLUTION FOR SMARTER LOGISTICS

Datalogic, a global technology leader in the automatic data capture and industrial automation markets, and Datasensing, a specialist in sensors, safety, and machine vision, are pleased to participate at MODEX 2024 from March 11th to 14th in Atlanta - the premier event for manufacturing, supply chain, and transportation operations. Datalogic invites attendees to booth 5227 to explore its comprehensive range of 360-degree logistics solutions, from conveyor systems to mobility, including live demos showcasing the power and versatility of Datalogic and Datasensing products.

For supply chain and fulfillment centers, Datalogic offers a complete range of applications designed to streamline operations, maximize efficiency, as well as improve accuracy, productivity, and customer satisfaction. These applications include high-speed and automated sorting, inbound and outbound logistics, tote identification and tracking, inventory management, picking and voice picking, warehousing, maintenance and inspection, manual sorting, putaway, and order fulfillment.

At the forefront of these solutions are Datalogic's featured products, each specifically designed to optimize various aspects of the supply chain and fulfillment process. The new CODiScan™ is the latest in Bluetooth® wearable scanners that provide fast and accurate data capture, enhance inventory management, and reduce picking and sorting errors. It allows greater flexibility, utilizing the wearer's fingers for multiple operations, and is significantly more resistant to damage when compared with traditional bulky finger-mounted scanners. In addition, pairing the CODiScan with Datalogic's mobile computers, such as the existing Memor™ 11 or the new Memor 3X series of PDAs, which will make its world debut at MODEX, will further enhance worker productivity with full data collection capabilities suitable for any application.

The new Memor™ 3X series expands Datalogic's line of full-touch Android™ PDAs and represents the first of a new generation of Datalogic mobile computers specifically designed to meet the ever-growing enterprise mobility needs of field service organizations and transportation and logistics companies. Featuring next-generation technologies such as 5G, Wi-Fi 6E, and CBRS (U.S. only), the new series of devices deliver fast and reliable connectivity with the promise of being built to last and future-proof. The large, bright, and high-resolution 6" display is perfect for logistics operations, providing the ultimate in display visibility. In addition, tap-to-pay functionality makes it even easier for couriers to process payments on the go. Barcode scanning has never been easier with Datalogic's all-new family of scan engines with improved linear and 2D reading performance and the addition of our long-range version, extremely capable of scanning barcodes from even greater distances. The new Memor 3X series is the ultimate tool for businesses that demand more.

Warehouse operations will benefit from order fulfillment, picking, proof of delivery, and proof of condition solutions, using the same innovative products to ensure seamless and efficient operations.

For manual operations, using forklifts to store goods on racks with Datalogic VMTs, Datalogic's PowerScan™ series will ensure fast and accurate data collection. The model with extra long-range reading capability will facilitate label capture from longer distances, typically for when scanning the upper (3rd or higher) levels of a warehouse.

Datalogic's expertise in conveyor technology will be prominently displayed at MODEX 2024 with a range of cutting-edge solutions. These are specifically designed to optimize the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of conveyor operations, ensuring the efficient handling and processing of products throughout the supply chain.

The WebSentinel™ is a state-of-the-art solution that uses advanced imaging technology to monitor and control conveyor systems in real-time, improving operational visibility and enabling proactive intervention that minimizes downtime. The AV500 and AV7000 are high-performance barcode readers designed for conveyor applications, delivering exceptional read rates in challenging environments, and ensuring accurate data capture and efficient product processing. The Matrix™ 320 is a compact, image-based barcode reader optimized for high-speed conveyor environments, providing fast and reliable barcode reading and accurate data capture for seamless integration into automated sorting systems.

Datasensing sensors and barriers complement our conveyor solutions with advanced technologies to improve safety and efficiency by detecting and preventing collisions, ensuring smooth product flow and personnel safety through accurate and reliable detection.

In addition, don't miss the unveiling of Datalogic's groundbreaking new BLADE™ product that takes barcode scanning to new heights. This groundbreaking solution uses imaging technology to boost reliability and reduce maintenance costs in automated warehousing, intralogistics, and packaging applications.

Datalogic cordially invites all MODEX attendees to visit our booth. This event is the perfect opportunity for industry professionals to network, explore potential partnerships, and discover how Datalogic solutions can revolutionize their operations. Come and see first-hand the future of logistics and supply chain management as envisioned by Datalogic.

Featured Product

Supply Chain Management by Elisa IndustrIQ

Supply Chain Management by Elisa IndustrIQ

Elisa IndustrIQ's Supply Chain Management (SCM) solution is designed to enhance productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness throughout the entire supply chain. This advanced solution focuses on improving flexibility and responsiveness in both planning and operation execution, crucial for adapting to rapidly evolving markets. Our solution facilitates business growth by offering end-to-end visibility, essential for efficiently managing and streamlining supply chains. Key features include AI-powered demand forecasting, automated quoting and purchasing, intelligent replanning capabilities, structured collaboration tools, and direct supplier integration. These features can be tailored to align with your business and financial objectives, adding a strategic dimension to sales and operations planning and execution. The solution is designed to meet the manufacturing industry's needs for speed, resilience, and efficiency, primarily through innovative approaches to reduce business friction.