JPB Système Receives Excellence Club Aerospace Award for Innovative Smart Program Sealing Technology

JPB Système has achieved success at the Excellence Club Aerospace Awards held recently in Toulouse, France. The manufacturer, which supplies the likes of Safran, GE Pratt & Whitney and Rolls Royce Engines, picked up the ‘Jury's Favourite' Crush of Heart trophy in recognition of its disruptive sealing technology, Smart Program. This patented solution improves MRO efficiencies by reducing the need to manually check the torque level thanks to touchless and wireless measurement of bolt axial load.

The Excellence Club Aerospace Awards jury was particularly impressed by Smart Program's innovative technology and user-friendly application, acknowledging JPB's commitment to advancement and the noteworthy contribution to the progression of the industry.

Smart Program comprises two solutions, Smart Washer and Smart Reader, which provide intelligent monitoring of tightening in bolted assemblies. This technology translates into substantial benefits, such as saving valuable maintenance time and money, improving aircraft availability, and enhancing air safety.

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