TriMech adds desktop waterjet cutter WAZER to its lineup of products and services for engineers and manufacturers

WAZER, the world's only desktop CNC waterjet cutter, is now sold and supported by TriMech.

WAZER, the world's only desktop CNC waterjet cutter, is now sold and supported by TriMech.

As a leading technology and business solutions partner for engineers and manufacturers, TriMech is well positioned to add the WAZER waterjet to its existing lineup of advanced design and manufacturing software, hardware and services.

Chip Hogge, TriMech's General Manager of Advanced Manufacturing, said the company continues to execute its global expansion plans. New partnerships, like this one with WAZER, broaden the range of solutions TriMech can offer to its clients, who are increasingly seeking an end-to-end technology and business partner.

"Our clients keep pushing boundaries, in the way they design and in the materials they use. The WAZER waterjet is exciting because it's accessible to a wide array of our clients and expands their range of materials. It's both small and affordable, while being a really powerful machine. We're going to put subtractive manufacturing capabilities in a lot of new hands."

Bringing the power of waterjet to the desktop

Waterjet cutting uses a combination of high-pressure water and fine abrasive to allow designers to cut what they could not cut before. WAZER brings that technology, until now limited to factory-sized machinery, to the desktop. Applications include rapid prototyping, tooling production, repairs and replacement parts, and low volume production. Parts can be fabricated in any material, including steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, tile, glass and plastics.

Nisan Lerea, Co-Founder and CEO of WAZER, said that working with TriMech extends their reach.

"Partnering with TriMech's skilled team across North America means many more engineers, fabricators and creators will have access to WAZER waterjets. Creative minds are always dreaming up new and better designs. We're giving people a unique tool to turn those ideas into reality."

Lerea added that WAZER, with its array of applications and materials it can cut, is also well suited to educational environments.

"Students from any discipline can make anything in any material. WAZER fits any lab or studio space, has a short learning curve and can be operated safely."

TriMech part of a growing network of resellers

TriMech is well known for selling and supporting additive manufacturing systems; its team provides the full array of Stratasys 3D printing technologies and materials, as well as post-processing equipment and 3D laser scanners. In addition to offering WAZER as part of its hardware lineup, TriMech's Advanced Manufacturing Services experts will have access to the waterjet technology when producing on-demand client projects.

WAZER's network of resellers spans North America, the UK, Europe and Asia. In the UK and Ireland, WAZER is available from Solid Print3D, a subsidiary of Solid Solutions. Sweden and Denmark are served by 3DVerkstan. These providers are also part of the TriMech Group of companies.

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