NORD DRIVESYSTEMS Provides Versatile, Robust Drive Solutions for Bulk Material Handling

NORD’s reliable solutions are engineered to withstand the harsh ambient conditions in the bulk goods industry and feature a high level of versatility to precisely meet application demands.

To meet the requirements of various bulk material handling applications, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS engineers their products in a versatile, modular system comprised of gear units, electric motors, and variable frequency drives. The highly configurable solutions accommodate a wide range of plant arrangements and offer flexible implementation of customer-specific design specifications. Additional options such as couplings, brakes, fans, base frames, backstops, and hazard protection are also available for precise application needs.

For many systems in the bulk material handling industry, the drive solution includes a MAXXDRIVE® industrial gear unit. These gear units provide high output torques from 132,000 lb-in to 2,495,900 lb-in and ensure excellent load capacity, long service life, and quiet operation. They are made from a robust one-piece UNICASE™ housing and offer both right-angle and parallel designs.

MAXXDRIVE XD industrial gear units are NORD's most recent addition to the MAXXDRIVE product family and are ideal for lifting equipment such as cranes and hoists. They feature center distances increased by 35% compared to the standard housings, enabling a U-shaped system design with the cable drum and motor on the same side as the gearbox. Their housings are also optimized for downward radial loads and include an inspection cover for quick, easy maintenance.

The power and speed ranges of the two-stage MAXXDRIVE XT right-angle industrial gear units have been designed especially for applications requiring high speed ratios in combination with high powers. High thermal capacity is achieved through the special ribbed housing design along with the enhanced axial fans and air guide covers for greater heat dissipation. Due to their effective cooling, these drives offer a robust solution in environments with demanding ambient conditions and large temperature fluctuations. MAXXDRIVE XT units also offer a symmetrical design for mirror image installations where space is limited and can be mounted on a swing base depending on the application.

Standard MAXXDRIVE industrial gear units are extremely durable and engineered to handle the toughest loads. Their high torque capacity enables systems to efficiently handle the mass flow rate and reliably transport goods. They are highly versatile and can be configured with extensive input and output options, multiple installation positions, and various motor mounting options. A special sealing arrangement additionally reduces maintenance while large roller bearings and center distances increase the load capacity and service life of the components.

UNICASE helical bevel gear units are commonly used for conveyor applications within the bulk goods handling industry due to their compact design, high-efficiency, and high radial and axial load capacities. They are built using a robust, cast iron housing that enables long service life and low maintenance. These gear boxes also feature extensive life gearing, minimum backlash, and adaptable shaft, mounting, and bearing options.

UNICASE parallel shaft gear units are a compact, powerful solution with a performance range of 0.16 hp - 268 hp and torque up to 680,200 lb-in. The robust, cast iron housings require minimal maintenance while delivering reliable, cost-effective operation for a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). They have a variety of options to choose from including 15 case sizes, flexible mounting, and various shaft designs for adaptability to precisely fit system arrangements.

The NORDAC FLEX variable frequency drive is NORD's most flexible VFD with a wide range of scalable functions including functional safety, an integrated brake rectifier for motor brake control, and POSICON integrated positioning mode for precise control. These drives can be controlled individually to intelligently meter, weigh, and adjust the bulk goods flow rate for fewer backups and breakdowns. The VFDs can additionally be implemented with customer-specific process functions such as automatic blockage detection/elimination and automatic mass flow regulation.

NORDAC PRO SK 500P variable frequency drives are a control cabinet solution with five available frame sizes and tiered functionality ranging from basic to advanced versions. They feature several interface options including an integrated multi-protocol Ethernet interface for efficient connection to Ethernet-based control systems, a Bluetooth interface with an SD memory card as the parameter storage medium, and a USB interface for voltage-free parameterization even when the mains power is disconnected. With high precision regulation and large overload capacities for synchronous and asynchronous motors, these drives are well suited for the heavy loads of bulk goods handling.

With their widespread industry knowledge, application expertise, and technical support, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS develops complete drive solutions for all types of applications in the field of bulk handling, providing worldwide support for storing, conveying, weighing, dosing, loading, and unloading systems.

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