Allied Machine releases Wohlhaupter 3ETECH+ (3ETECH Plus) digital readout module

Enhanced digital readout module ideal for holding precision hole tolerances on expensive parts

Allied Machine and Engineering, a leading manufacturer of holemaking and finishing cutting tools for the metal-cutting industry, announces the release of the 3ETECH+ digital readout module—an enhanced 3ETECH digital readout module that is 100% compatible with current Wohlhaupter 3ETECH boring tools. Inventory will be available October 2nd.

The new 3ETECH+ provides improved diameter adjustment accuracy of one micron, making it the ideal choice for customers who need to hold precision hole tolerances on expensive parts. High-production environments such as aerospace, heavy equipment and automotive also greatly benefit from the enhanced digital readout module to be used on Wohlhaupter digital boring tools including VarioBore versatile boring head, 420 (410) series boring heads, 465 (464) series balanced boring heads, 538 (537) fine boring cassettes, custom boring solutions and the newest Wohlhaupter product, the ES-Bore series of fine boring laydown cartridges, which will be available on September 18th.

As many machine shops move away from vernier dial (analog) adjustment because of the ease of use digital readout modules provide, having an external, removable digital module also eliminates the worry of costly digital tooling components being harmed by cutting chips or high pressure coolant. Wohlhaupter's proven precision technology in the 3ETECH digital readout module has aided in improving boring applications, and the following enhancements of the 3ETECH+ add to the benefits for machine shops:

• Enhanced visibility with backlit OLED display and larger screen
• Easier charging capabilities with rechargeable battery via USB-C
• Multiple display color options for optimal visibility in any environment
• Screen auto-rotate function to match orientation of display module
• Toggle between imperial and metric adjustment to accommodate all applications

Frank Wohlhaupter, managing partner at Wohlhaupter, shares that the 3ETECH+ is "another practical and dependable solution from Wohlhaupter. The most modern digital readout for daily use in every manufacturing shop—no matter if it is a small job shop or a large component manufacturer. We are happy to announce the latest digital technology, compatible with every existing 3ETECH tool on the market."

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