MRPeasy Manufacturing ERP Delivers First AI Tool to Small Manufacturers

The AI chatbot named Mr. Peasy allows users to ask questions in natural, free-form language and receive comprehensive answers related to the use of the software.

MRPeasy becomes the first small manufacturing-oriented ERP software to introduce an AI tool to its users. The innovative AI-powered chatbot promises to significantly enhance user experience and facilitate the effective use of the software.

The AI chatbot named Mr. Peasy allows users to ask questions in natural, free-form language and receive comprehensive answers related to the use of the software. This sophisticated tool brings a new level of accessibility to the software, setting a new standard for user-friendly ERP solutions in a market where manufacturers constantly struggle with the complexity of the available solutions.

"Our mission has always been to provide small manufacturers with powerful yet affordable tools that simplify operations and drive growth," says Karl Lauri, CMO at MRPeasy. "This AI integration further reinforces our commitment to innovation and simplicity, ensuring our customers can fully leverage the software's capabilities."

The chatbot is easy to access and use. Users can simply click the chatbot icon in the MRPeasy interface to initiate a conversation. Mr. Peasy will then ask the user to enter their question, after which it will provide an answer based on its understanding of the software. Trained on a massive dataset of MRPeasy documentation, user manuals, and support data, the chatbot can help users with questions related to the features of the software, pricing calculations, implementation help, troubleshooting, and much more.

The AI chatbot is also constantly learning so users can be confident that they are receiving up-to-date information and support. Users are encouraged to provide feedback on the chatbot, helping MRPeasy to constantly refine its capabilities. In parallel, clients can still use MRPeasy's support ticket system to receive human support.

Exemplified by the AI chatbot integration, MRPeasy's continuous pursuit of customer-centric solutions has solidified its frontrunner status in the SMB-oriented manufacturing ERP software market. Going forward, MRPeasy is planning to implement further AI tools to simplify and streamline its customers' business processes.

About MRPeasy:
MRPeasy is a leading cloud-based ERP/MRP software provider for small manufacturers (10-200 employees). Since its inception in 2014, MRPeasy has been committed to transforming the small manufacturing industry by delivering powerful and affordable productivity solutions. With an extensive client base of over 1,400 companies worldwide, MRPeasy continues to be a trusted partner for small manufacturers seeking efficient and scalable ERP software.
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MRPeasy - ERP for Small Manufacturers That Delivers Results

MRPeasy - ERP for Small Manufacturers That Delivers Results

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