On booth 4646, visitors to Rapid-TCT will see AM Solutions’ unswerving commitment to advancing the use of AM across all industrial sectors, its focus being the promotion of AM as a production technology by providing an array of automated post-processing solutions.

(27th April 2023, Untermerzbach, Germany) AM Solutions — 3D post-processing technology is exhibiting an array of market-leading AM post-processing technologies at Rapid-TCT, 2-4 May in Chicago, IL, USA.

On booth 4646, visitors to Rapid-TCT will see AM Solutions' unswerving commitment to advancing the use of AM across all industrial sectors, its focus being the promotion of AM as a production technology by providing an array of automated post-processing solutions. Machines on show include the S2, M1 Basic, and C1 post-processing systems which facilitate a high degree of automation, reduce the need for rework, reduce the man-power post-processing requirement, and enhance part quality simultaneously.

Bernhard Kerschbaum, CEO at Rösler / AM Solutions USA says, "We can all see today that AM is becoming a viable production technology across a range of industries and applications. It has for some time now been recognized that post-processing is a bottleneck, and our role at AM Solutions is to automate this part of the AM process chain, allowing for the timely, cost-effective, and above all high quality manufacture of end use AM parts. Post-processing is a critical area of focus in AM because it obviously directly impacts the quality, performance, and functionality of the final part. While AM can produce complex geometries with high precision and accuracy, the process can also introduce surface roughness issues, residual stresses, and other imperfections unique to the AM process that can affect the part's mechanical properties and surface finish. Our range of post-processing solutions address all these characteristics of AM parts."

AM Solutions S2, M1 Basic, and C1 systems which will all be on show on booth 4646, all maintain the high standards the company sets for reliable, automated, repeatable, and cost-efficient AM post processing solutions.

The first of its kind in the world, the S2 is a continuous flow shot blast system that is used for the automatic cleaning and surface finishing of plastic components printed with powder-bed based printing technologies.
The M1 Basic is AM Solutions' all-round post processing solution for the surface smoothing and polishing of single parts and small batches, and is able to handle both plastic and metal AM parts.
AM Solutions' C1 system is a perfect tool for the automated and cost-efficient post-processing of photopolymer components, using an optimally adapted compound combined with interplay between mechanical and thermal effects that result in a highly consistent, effective, and gentle removal of support structures / resin.
There will also be a status update on the company's exciting C2 technology which allows chemical smoothing and dyeing of 3D printed parts made from common polymers in one process step. Visitors are invited to come and discuss their post-processing requirements with the team on site in Chicago, and to see the opportunities that exist for streamlining the post-processing of AM produced parts and components.

Kerschbaum concludes, "With our range of post-processing solutions, we have all the bases covered, with technologies for parts made from any AM materials and via and AM process. AM Solutions (a part of the Rösler Group) has 80-years experience innovating finishing technologies for industry, and we are excited to be at the forefront of the AM revolution, which is bringing such vitality and agility to the manufacture of an array of innovative parts and components. We understand that for AM to be a viable production process moving forward, post-processing needs not only to be automated, but also easily integrated into production lines and be customisable for the specific needs of different applications. The fact that we make all our post-processing solutions in-house means we have the knowledge and expertise to adapt machines to specific requirements and applications which is a huge advantage for our customers."
A team of experts will be available on booth 4646 at Rapid-TCT to discuss the post-processing requirements of all visitors at the event.

Featured Product

T.J. Davies' Retention Knobs

T.J. Davies' Retention Knobs

Our retention knobs are manufactured above international standards or to machine builder specifications. Retention knobs are manufactured utilizing AMS-6274/AISI-8620 alloy steel drawn in the United States. Threads are single-pointed on our lathes while manufacturing all other retention knob features to ensure high concentricity. Our process ensures that our threads are balanced (lead in/lead out at 180 degrees.) Each retention knob is carburized (hardened) to 58-62HRC, and case depth is .020-.030. Core hardness 40HRC. Each retention knob is coated utilizing a hot black oxide coating to military specifications. Our retention knobs are 100% covered in black oxide to prevent rust. All retention knob surfaces (not just mating surfaces) have a precision finish of 32 RMA micro or better: ISO grade 6N. Each retention knob is magnetic particle tested and tested at 2.5 times the pulling force of the drawbar. Certifications are maintained for each step in the manufacturing process for traceability.