Ultimation Adds Curved Conveyors to its Quick-Ship Offerings for Greater Material Handling Flexibility

Motor-driven roller curves allow manufacturers and distributors to easily create full-loop systems for better space utilization

Conveyor technology has literally turned the corner, thanks to Ultimation Industries' latest offering of curved motor-driven roller (MDR) conveyor segments for on-line quick-ship customers.

Ultimation is the leading direct-to-consumer conveyor manufacturer, specializing in solving productivity challenges with fast-to-deploy solutions for the vertical farming, food processing, automotive, heavy equipment, warehousing, fulfillment and delivery sectors.

"Curved conveyor sections have always been available for our custom-built material handling projects, but the introduction of curved MDR conveyors in our quick-ship line affordably brings this technology to small- and medium-sized businesses," said Kali Cresent, general manager for Ultimation.

MDRs operate with 24-volt DC power and use motorized rollers within the conveyor frames to move products from location to location. They use zero pressure accumulation, which means loads continue moving along the MDR conveyor until they get close to (but do not touch) the product unit in front, ensuring there are no gaps in the assembly line.

Curved sections allow manufacturers and distributors to create a full-loop system or configure conveyors around warehouse obstacles or other equipment. The MDR curved conveyor section comes in a variety of lengths to meet customers' needs.

Cresent says MDRs are a great choice for energy efficiency because they only use electricity when they are actively moving cargo. They're also quiet and can handle a multitude of products such as packages, tote bins, pallets, tires, cartons and more.

"MDR curves can help fast-growing small business such as distribution centers or those involved in e-commerce to scale quickly and maximize use of facility space," said Cresent, adding that they seamlessly plug into straight MDR conveyor sections.

Replacement parts for curved conveyors are also available through Ultimation's online store. The powered rollers are universal and can be used in curved or straight MDRs.

For more information about Ultimation Industries conveyor solutions, visit https://www.ultimationinc.com.

About Ultimation

Ultimation Industries, LLC is the leading direct-to-consumer conveyor manufacturer serving the automotive, food processing, vertical farming, heavy equipment, warehousing, fulfillment and delivery industries. The company offers a line of proprietary automation systems and is also the largest integrator of Jervis Webb Conveyor Systems. Ultimation's e-commerce channel sells Ultimation, Interroll, Itoh Denki, Jervis Webb, and a wide range of other conveyor equipment. Ultimation was recognized in 2020 and 2022 as one of Inc. 5000's fastest growing private companies in America. Ultimation was also named a 2022 Michigan 50 Companies to Watch by Michigan Celebrates Small Business. Visit https://www.ultimationinc.com/ for the latest product information and news about Ultimation.

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