MRPeasy Obtains ISO 27001 Certification for Information Security

MRPeasy’s information security practices and policies demonstrate the software provider’s total commitment to the safety of customer data.

MRPeasy, the ERP/MRP software provider for small manufacturers, announced today that they have obtained the ISO 27001 certification, which testifies to the high level of information security reached within the company. Following a series of rigorous inspections by an accredited certification company, MRPeasy passed the final audit with honors in February.

ISO 27001 is the most important information security management standard in the world today. It is awarded by the International Standards Organization (ISO) to companies that have proven to have a secure system for managing customer and employee data, financial data, intellectual property, and other information kept within the company.

"Every organization cares about their data being safe and although we do not request sensitive data from customers, they still may store it within our system," says Karl H. Lauri, Chief Marketing Officer of MRPeasy. "If not stored and handled diligently, this data can be stolen or lost. Being ISO 27001 compliant shows that we have the necessary processes and policies in place to mitigate these cybersecurity risks."

MRPeasy is a cloud-based manufacturing ERP software designed specifically for small businesses. Aiming to give manufacturing SMEs a comprehensive toolset to effectively manage their business processes, the software is used by more than 500 companies in North America and more than 1300 globally.

"A growing number of customers explicitly require the ISO 27001 certification," Lauri says. "Being certified is an important signal of reliability, and it is becoming an increasingly important selection criteria in the software market."

About MRPeasy

MRPeasy supplies cloud-based ERP/MRP software to small manufacturers in all industries. The software integrates sales, purchasing, inventory, production, and finances to provide manufacturing companies with an accurate real-time overview of their processes. For more information, visit

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