NORD DRIVESYSTEMS Exhibits High-Efficiency Drive Solutions at ProMat 2023

NORD will be at ProMat 2023 held in Chicago, IL March 20-23 to showcase their latest supply chain technology and system solutions.

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS will be attending this year's ProMat Exhibition to showcase their reliable supply chain solutions. Their modular product design delivers versatility with over 20,000,000 unique configurations of gearboxes, electric motors, and variable frequency drives - eliminating the need for costly custom components.

NORD will display these specialized solutions at ProMat Booth N8325:

NORDAC® ON/ON+ Variable Frequency Drives
NORDAC ON/ON+ VFDs offer a compact, flexible design developed to meet the specific requirements of horizontal conveyor technology. NORDAC ON VFDs are designed for use with IE3 asynchronous motors while NORDAC ON+ VFDs have been optimized for performance with IE5+ synchronous motors. These VFDs feature an integrated Ethernet interface, full Plug-&-Play capabilities, and functional safety options such as STO and SS1. With precise positioning and full PLC functionality for dynamic control of conveyor systems, NORDAC ON/ON+ VFDs provide a reliable, cost-effective solution for IIoT environments.

IE5+ Synchronous Motors
IE5+ synchronous motors achieve ultimate efficiency in a compact, versatile design that can be installed quickly and easily. They are available in two versions - a non-ventilated variant (N-design) for hygienic wash-down areas and a ventilated variant (F-design) with high overload capacity suited for intralogistics. IE5+ motors provide a standardized, high-efficiency solution thanks to their constant torque over a wide speed range. This enables them to eliminate the need for system variants, minimize operating costs, and increase energy savings.

DuoDrive Integrated Gear Unit and Motor
NORD's new DuoDrive with an integrated IE5+ motor and single-stage helical gear unit brings a new level of energy efficiency and easy system maintenance. The compact, modular design features full Plug-&-Play capabilities for fast commissioning, quick installation, and minimal space requirements. Constant motor torque over a wide speed range enables system variants to be reduced - minimizing administrative expenses and optimizing service processes. The DuoDrive is especially suitable for supply chain applications due to its high-power density, extremely high system efficiency of up to 92%, and quiet operation.

LogiDrive™ Complete Drive Solution
The LogiDrive™ solution is a service-friendly, modular system designed for standardization and reduction of system variants. The package combines a gear unit with high overload capacity, a high-efficiency electric motor, and a compact variable frequency drive for a complete solution that is flexible, low-maintenance, and 4.0 ready! Efficient operation at partial load and low speeds makes LogiDrive especially suited for a variety of conveyors in high volume warehousing, parcel distribution systems, and packaging systems.

As a complete package, LogiDrive consists of:
-Two-stage helical bevel gear unit or DuoDrive
-IE3/IE4/IE5+ electric motor
-Decentralized variable frequency drive
-Power plug connector
-M12 connectors
-Incremental encoder
-Pre-assembled cables

Two-Stage Helical Bevel Gear Units
NORD's two-stage helical bevel gear units deliver efficient operation in a compact, robust design ideal for conveyor systems. They feature a large speed range, quiet operation, and high axial and radial load capacities. Flexible installation options are available including various input and output options, solid and hollow shafts, and foot, flange or shaft mounting - making the drives highly adaptable to a wide range of applications and environments.

NORDBLOC®.1 Helical Inline Gear Units
NORDBLOC®.1 helical inline gear units are characterized by quiet, reliable performance in a smooth, easy to clean design. Their UNICASE™ housing is made from high strength, low weight aluminum alloy and ensures a long service life with increased stability and safe operation. They offer 13 case sizes to choose from as well as performance of 0.16 - 60 hp, keyless shaft designs with Shrink Disc and GRIPMAXX™, and foot or flange mounting. High output torques paired with efficient operation reduce system costs for a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and a fast Return on Investment (ROI).

Condition Monitoring for Predictive Maintenance
With Condition Monitoring for Predictive Maintenance, drive and status data are recorded at regular intervals or continuously to optimize the operational safety and efficiency of systems. The results derived from data analysis enable machines to be proactively maintained and avoid unplanned downtimes. This status-based maintenance approach prolongs the service life of components and machines, increases system availability, and reduces service and material cost. Condition Monitoring can even determine the optimal time to change oil, ensuing systems are always operating at their highest capacity.

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