AtomTech Expands Its Automation Technology Operations in Mexico

The SCADA integration company builds on its presence in the burgeoning market to serve rising demand

Following the launch of AtomTech Canada, AtomTech today announces that it will also grow its presence in Mexico. Building on its strong history in the Mexican market, the leading controls and SCADA integration solutions company plans to extend the services it provides to clients in the region in order to meet burgeoning manufacturing demands.

With a background deeply rooted in Mexico, AtomTech has been customizing engineering services for car manufacturers in the country for years through its portfolio of integrator clients. This expertise and network in the market made the region a natural fit for the company's ongoing expansion efforts across North America.

"With the addition of Mexico Operations, we will be closer than ever to some of our bigger customers and be able to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively. In addition, Mexico represents a great opportunity for manufacturers, integrators, service providers and technology companies such as AtomTech," said Alberto Macias, Director of Operations & MES Specialist at AtomTech.

Doubling down on AtomTech's presence in Mexico allows the company to spend more time with clients there. Not only does this mean that its teams can then guide clients through the process of installation and integration, but they can also be there to meet any additional requests that come up after controls and SCADA innovations have been adopted.

"AtomTech is growing to meet the demands of our clients. Whether it's in battery manufacturing, joining new technologies for electric vehicle manufacturing, or through the evolution of IIoT4.0 and SCADA solutions, it is important to us to expand our footprint into the markets that we support such as Mexico," said Shawn Gutierrez, President of AtomTech.

About AtomTech
AtomTech ( is a leading controls and SCADA integration company. AtomTech's services and numerous specialty solutions provided in controls hardware and software designs for Battery Manufacturing, General Assembly, Body In White, Material Handling, Order Fulfillment, Custom Middleware, and other applications using both legacy and new technologies.

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