NORD DRIVESYSTEMS Releases New MAXXDRIVE XD Industrial Gear Units that are Engineered to Perform Reliably for Crane and Hoist Applications

The new MAXXDRIVE XD series expands on NORD’s powerful MAXXDRIVE IGU offering with an extended center distance developed specifically for the demands of industrial cranes and hoists.

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has announced the latest addition to their industrial gear unit family, MAXXDRIVE® XD. These new, parallel shaft industrial gear units have extended center distances engineered specifically for reliable operation of cranes and hoists. Compared to NORD's MAXXDRIVE G1050 industrial gear units, the center distance of the XD has been increased by 35% to allow maximum space for the U-shape arrangement of the motor and rope drum on the same side of the gearbox. The new series also features five case sizes, 3-stage and 4-stage reductions, and torque output up to 991,300 lb-in.

MAXXDRIVE XD industrial gear units utilize NORD's proven and trusted UNICASE™ housings to deliver long service life and low maintenance, as well as reduced standstill times for increased efficiency and availability of the entire system. The single-piece housing ensures precise positioning of bearing and shafts, protects internal components, and is FEA-optimized for overhang load - especially with downwards forces. An inspection cover is also included on top of the gear unit for easy maintenance and service access. 3-stage and 4-stage reductions share the same overall unit dimensions and center distances for a standardized design that reduces system variants and lowers Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The new MAXXDRIVE XD gear units also deliver stable nominal torque ratings throughout the total ratio range, reducing drive weight up to 60%. This decreases the number of moving parts for lower energy consumption and requires fewer inventoried wear parts.

A variety of add-on options are available with the MAXXDRIVE XD series, including foot or shaft mounting with additional torque support, NEMA/IEC motor adapters, and various input/output coupling options. They can also be equipped with thruster brakes, brake consoles, or an input flange for flange-mounted brakes. Solid input shafts with keyways can be single or double extended and output shafts include solid or hollow options with multiple shaft configurations for each. Additional options can also be included from NORD's standardized modular system such as oil heaters, PT100, taconite seals, monitoring devices, and sensors.

Crane applications require robust, reliable gear units that won't break down. MAXXDRIVE XD industrial gear units are engineered to function in a wide range of ambient conditions including dusty atmospheres and environments with high humidity, heat, and large temperature differences. Heavy duty paint can also be applied to the drives for additional protection and extended surface life. When paired with NORD's high-efficiency electric motors and intelligent variable frequency drives, MAXXDRIVE XD gear units form a specialized solution capable of high precision, smooth operation, and dynamic control.

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