Push the boundaries of space exploration with CRP USA exhibiting at the Annual Small Satellite Conference in Logan

CRP USA will be attending as exhibitor the Annual Small Satellite Conference, held in-person in Logan, Utah, from August 6 to August 11. CRP USA staff will be displaying cutting edge solutions for Space industry 3D-printed in the Windform family of materials, based on a notable Decade of Space Flight Heritage

Expectations of aerospace customers are changing. As the commercial sector moves more aggressively into areas of aerospace development and services, the theme of small satellites is strongly coming to notice, and the Space industry is experiencing a new renaissance by the ever-increasing production and launch of small satellites.

Additive manufacturing is part of the process and has itself reached new heights in combination with high performance composite materials for the creation of reliable, Space-ready, complex and advanced structural components for the new generation of small satellites.
A decade of Space Flight Heritage
3D printing leading company CRP USA built up a notable Space Flight Heritage based on almost a decade of supplying cutting edge 3D printed solutions for Space key industry leaders. All these parts took part in successful Space mission. KYSAT-2 1U CubeSat launched into orbit as part of the NASA ElaNa IV mission; the hybrid, single-part Propulsion System AMPS used as a high impulse thruster for small to micro Cubical Satellites; TuPOD, the first complete 3D printed satellite launched from the ISS, designed both as a CubeSat and as a dispensing system for Tube Satellites, are only a few examples manufactured by CRP USA that contributed to the Additive revolution in the small satellites arena.
Windform composites on display at the 36th Annual Small Satellite Conference and Exhibit
All the applications built by CRP USA benefit by the use of Windform composites for Laser-Powder Bed Fusion as manufacturing materials.
CRP USA with their Space Heritage will be attending the 36th Annual Small Satellite Conference and Exhibit at Utah State University, Logan, Utah, from August 6 to August 11.
CRP USA will be exhibiting in the Taggart Student Center, table 35. They will be displaying cutting edge solutions for Space industry manufactured in the Windform family of materials, and will demonstrate how L-PBF technology (Laser Sintering) with Windform is the perfect union to meet the strict design and functionality requirements for Space applications.

Based in Mooresville, North Carolina, CRP USA employs a highly skilled staff that specializes in the manufacturing and creation of end-use parts and functional prototypes built from Windform high performance composite materials for L-PBF technology.
With new projects and new developing perspectives in the field of Additive Manufacturing, CRP USA contributes to mark new milestones in the most challenging and harsh 3D printed applications arena.

For more than 30 years, the Small Satellite Conference has been a place where innovators, engineers, problem solvers, scientists, entrepreneurs, and dreamers alike come together to tackle challenges and push the boundaries of space exploration.
Each year, SmallSat Conference attendees share their successes and lessons learned, demonstrate their capabilities, network, and mentor for the next generation. These crucial interactions have inspired and ignited imaginations, paving the way for small satellites to perform missions that few thought possible.
During the 36th Annual Small Satellite Conference, attendees will explore the realm of the possible and investigate key advancements for small satellite missions to truly become transformational scientific discovery tools beyond low Earth orbit.


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