NSK Highlights Integrated Mechatronics at Automate 2022

NSK is exhibiting a comprehensive array of integrated mechatronic and linear motion technologies at Automate 2022, Booth 1240. The show takes place June 6 through 9 at Huntington Place Convention Center, Detroit, Michigan.

NSK is exhibiting a comprehensive array of integrated mechatronic and linear motion technologies at Automate 2022, Booth 1240. The show takes place June 6 through 9 at Huntington Place Convention Center, Detroit, Michigan.

Scott Harmon, Automation Segment Manager at NSK, stated, "We develop these systems to help designers and integrators increase their competitive advantage, and get their automated systems to market faster. In applications including mechatronics for medical equipment, lab automation, factory automation, and multi-axis solutions for semiconductor, machine tool, or 3D printing requirements, these pre-built and pretested solutions will save valuable internal resources and development time."

Harmon went on to highlight some of the innovations visitors will see demonstrated at the NSK booth.

The MBSA-Series Motorized Ball Screw actuator directly integrates a precision-ground ball screw with a high-accuracy stepper motor into a remarkably compact and space-saving form factor. It's high positioning accuracy and low noise performance is ideal for a range of life-critical medical and lab equipment applications.

The MCE - Electrified Monocarrier integrates ball screws, linear guides, support bearings and stepper motors into a turnkey mechatronic solution: a preassembled and pretested single-axis actuator that delivers outstanding precision and accuracy in a lightweight, compact form factor.

NSK Robot Module is a linear actuator that utilizes high precision NSK linear guides, ball screws and Monocarriers, fully integrated into a machined extruded aluminum housing. They are available in a variety of standard sizes and lengths and can be combined to create custom multi-axis systems. Ideal for industrial and pick-and-place applications, the modules include NSK's K1 integrated lubrication unit for years of maintenance-free operation.

NSK combines a range of proprietary machine components including linear guides, actuators, ball screws, motors, and mounting interfaces to create multi-axis stages customized for a broad range of application types and payload capacities.

With the capability of moving multiple-ton industrial loads with millimetric accuracy, the NH/NS series linear guide combines NSK expertise in materials engineering with decades of advances in tribology and precision machining. They can be combined with high-performance seals and lubrication units for long-lasting performance in contaminant-prone environments.

Miniature guide series PU and PE are ideal for smaller automation applications. Exhibiting very low dynamic friction resulting in smoother motion with reduced noise, the new design supports a wide variety of applications. Martensite stainless steel is the standard material providing excellent corrosion resistance, and K1™ Lubrication units extend product life.

Widely acknowledged as the world leader in ball screw technology, NSK offers precision-ground units in standard and custom configurations for a vast array of applications. From heavy industrial manufacturing to life-critical surgical robotics, these units deliver superior positioning accuracy, repeatability, and durability.

A popular choice for automation is the Compact FA series ball screw. It is a cutting-edge component that delivers high-speed positioning with extreme rigidity and low noise performance from one of the most compact designs in the world. With a dramatically reduced ball nut diameter and the availability of low-profile support units, it is a compelling solution for space-saving design of equipment and devices.

Featuring remarkable positioning resolution of over 2.6 million pulses/revolution, the NSK Megatorque Motor Series is ideal for a range of indexing, automation, and robotic applications where speed, compact size, and accuracy are paramount. They feature precision-machined crossed roller bearings for outstanding dependability and maintenance-free running.

About NSK
NSK manufactured the world's first bearings in Japan in 1916, and has since developed into a global organization researching, designing, and manufacturing Motion & Control™ solutions essential for mobility and industrial applications. In the early 1960s, NSK set its sights outside Japan and has established over 200 business locations in 30 countries, alongside a vast network of joint ventures and partnerships in all corners of the world. Today, NSK is the top supplier of bearings in Japan and is the third largest supplier in the world by market share.

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