B2B search platform levels the field for businesses of all sizes to better manage vendor and supplier search across 200 countries worldwide

AUSTIN, TEXAS (Sept. 23, 2021)—Today, debuted on its quest to help business-to-business (B2B) buyers and sellers build and maintain connections in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. is the world's first exclusive B2B search engine and online community, intentionally built to deliver verified search results for organizations of all sizes. Zimmi's search platform currently hosts over 20 million verified suppliers from over 200 countries with more than 64 million unique searchable keywords.

Supply chain disruptions, manufacturing delays, and price increases have placed a cumulative strain on B2B operations around the world. Right now, e-commerce is at an all-time high. According to DHL, the B2B e-commerce market is expected to increase by more than 70 percent by 2027. Notable Zimmi features include:

• B2B Search Takes Center Stage. Current search engines primarily cater to consumers and are focused to one country. This makes them less than ideal for B2B organizations that need to cross numerous international borders. is strictly B2B focused to ensure that advertisers' clicks are verified buyers from businesses, government agencies, or non-profit organizations. Zimmi can verify that the buyers using the search engine are legitimate and have been properly vetted.
• Empowers Instant Flexibility for Supply Chain Navigation. From zippers and buttons to chips and paper, nearly every industry has seen its supply chain pushed to the limit—or beyond—in the last 18 months. Logistical pressures and supply chain breakdowns will continue to squeeze B2B buyers, and Zimmi is positioned to help teams rapidly change course and stand-up new relationships with trusted sellers worldwide.
• Search for What Matters Most. users can research, sort and filter vendors and suppliers based on their organization's unique needs and priorities. This includes country, regional radius, past user ratings, prices and more.
• Going Global, For Real. includes businesses from 200 countries, so limitations regarding location simply do not exist. If you are a buyer based in the heart of the United States and wish to compare vendors across southwest Asia and India in just a few clicks, powers all of that in one place.
• A Level Playing Field. has been engineered to be a fair and equal search platform. Regardless of advertising spend, all sponsors on are rotated evenly for top spots in search results. This means that the competition for clicks, eyes and conversion remain as equitable as possible.

"For far too long, B2B organizations have been challenged to compete for brand visibility, clicks and conversion on popular B2C search engines. That all changes today, because now you can Zimmi!" said Thi Thi Hoang, President of "The search engine integrates third-party vendor verification and proprietary AI technology algorithms to help businesses of all sizes search in a secure ecosystem with the confidence that every buyer click, and seller connection, is a trusted lead."

Even as a startup, customer experience and data ethics are at the core of what
brings to the global marketplace. Zimmi's team of world-class Data Scientists continuously leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to mine and extract data assets that are offered at a competitive price and with meticulous care to meet privacy and ethical standards.

"Data monetization—by way of one-off data purchases, ongoing subscriptions, and/or data usage licenses—is intended to help businesses make more confident decisions, optimize predictive models, boost productivity, and increase ROI," said Mike Quaid, co-founder and director at "This strategy only works if we earn and maintain the trust of our buyers and sellers - which is why it's at the center of everything we do." also offers online community resources and tools, such as free e-learning courses, industry reports, trending articles, special offers and more. For more information on, register your organization, demo the platform and/or claim your free account, please visit To see how Zimmi works, learn more here.

About is a global search engine and hub dedicated to helping businesses connect with other businesses and organizations worldwide. The Zimmi search engine and hub is strictly business to business (B2B) in a verified environment to qualify both buyers and sellers, ensuring that the advertisers' clicks are verified buyers from businesses, government agencies, or non-profit organizations.

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