AttaBox® Enclosures Introduces A New 316 Stainless Steel Corrosion-Resistant Latch Available Standard For All Heartland® Polycarbonate Enclosures

The new strong, secure-fitting stainless steel latch maintains a 4X Rating.

Belding, Michigan --- AttaBox® Enclosures, a brand of Robroy Enclosures® -- the world's most specified non-metallic electrical and industrial enclosures --- announces the availability of a new, corrosion-resistant, 316 stainless steel latch standard for all sizes of its Heartland® Series polycarbonate enclosures.

The new strong, secure-fitting stainless steel latch maintains a 4X Rating. It is not affected by UV degradation, features high tensile and high-impact strength, and performs reliably within a wide temperature range.

Available for both opaque and clear Heartland® polycarbonate enclosures, the new stainless steel latch snaps on-and-off quickly by hand, making it easy to install and replace. The latch comes standard on any Heartland® enclosure --- just add "SS" to the end of any part number --- or as a two-latch kit.

AttaBox® Enclosures brings you immediate access to 12 full non-metallic enclosure product lines encompassing more than 800 part numbers and more than 30 configurations -- all providing superior on-the-job physical properties and performance value for diverse MRO, electrical, instrumentation, HVAC, mechanical and industrial applications. Our unsurpassed range of off-the-shelf and customized fiberglass and polycarbonate enclosures are proven to protect themselves so they will always protect the valuable contents housed within them. AttaBox® is an innovative force in the engineering, manufacturing, and marketing of non-metallic enclosures. We make it easy for our enclosure users to get reliable NEMA 4X and UL-certified protection by making outstanding product and service quality quickly available through diverse channels including price-competitive online e-commerce, and direct business-to-business one-stop availability. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing technology is U.S.-based and vertically integrated to provide total solutions to application challenges demanding the best from protective enclosures.

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