Enhanced the production line dedicated to 3D Printing

Gardigiano (VE) 14th May 2020: Weerg, a revolutionary Italian e-commerce company offering CNC machining and 3D prints online, confirms its vocation for innovation by inaugurating a new line for the production of 3D resin prints proposed in two versions: ABS like grey and Tmax transparent. This new material, which joins the Nylon PA12, until now the absolute protagonist of the additive manufacturing department of the Venetian company, is printed with MSLA LED with the exclusive proprietary 4KSPER™ technology, developed by the internal R&D department by implementing and redesigning systems already existing on the market.

The resin introduced by Weerg ensures mechanical performance comparable to the well-known ABS in terms of hardness and strength, and is therefore able to effectively replace it in many applications. The parts, which can be produced in a maximum size of up to 58x120x159 mm, are solid and have a balanced property profile. Three resin formulations can be selected online by Weerg's customers: Classic, Perfomance and Top Mechanical, which differ in terms of increasing performance in terms of load and elongation at break. The customer can choose the type of resin best suited to their processing on the basis of the stresses to which the molded component will be subjected.

In addition to the mechanical characteristics, there is also the high print quality, which ensures very high resolution results even at the level of individual details. Furthermore, the extremely smooth surface makes this material suitable for the production of prototypes, parts and functional components in the automotive and mechanical fields, as well as for the creation of aesthetic and mock up models. The light grey colour, in particular, is in great demand on the market because unlike black or white which tends to turn yellow, it represents an excellent base for subsequent finishes such as painting. The transparent resin, in glossy (already online) and satin (available soon) versions, can be used for prototypes of great aesthetic impact and for components that must guarantee visibility through the piece.

Featured Product

Zaber's X-LRQ-DE Series: High Precision Stages with Built-in Controllers and Linear Encoders

Zaber's X-LRQ-DE Series: High Precision Stages with Built-in Controllers and Linear Encoders

Zaber's X-LRQ-DE Series of linear stages have high stiffness, load, and lifetime capabilities in a compact size. The integrated linear encoder combined with stage calibration provides high accuracy positioning over the full travel of the device. At 36 mm high, these stages are excellent for applications where a low profile is required. The X-LRQ-DE's innovative design allows speeds up to 205 mm/s and loads up to 100 kg. Like all Zaber products, the X-LRQ-DE Series is designed for easy set-up and operation.