Schneider Electric shares new innovations providing packaging OEMs unprecedented ease in deploying IIoT-ready machines

- Modicon M262 controller is IIoT-ready for logic and motion applications - TeSys Island offers new level of innovation in digital load management - EcoStruxure Machine Expert streamlines intuitive machine programming

Schneider Electric, the leader of digital transformation in energy management and automation, today unveiled new solutions for packaging machine builders at PACK EXPO 2019 in Las Vegas. These innovations, including the Modicon M262 IIoT-ready controller, the TeSys Island digital load management system and the EcoStruxure Machine Expert software platform, offer new levels of efficiency, reliability and insight into machine commissioning and operations.

Each of these new solutions leverage IIoT connectivity to engineer, build and commission packaging machines more efficiently than ever before decreasing time to market. These latest innovations support machine builders in the digital age that require greater innovation to meet the changing demands of their connected customers and more efficient commissioning to maintain their edge in the market.

"Today, OEMs are truly digitizing machine building and connected devices alone are not enough to meet their needs as they accelerate the digital transformation of their own offers," noted Carlos Villa, Vice President-Industry US, Schneider Electric. "These new EcoStruxure solutions allow our packaging and material handling OEM partners to differentiate themselves, enhance their offers and deliver IIoT-ready solutions to market faster than ever before."

Powerful new solution for the smart machine era on display at PACK EXPO

Modicon M262: Connected for greater efficiency and profitability

The new Modicon M262 controller is IIoT-ready for logic and motion applications offering intuitive, scalable and reliable machine integration into Industry 4.0 environment. The Modicon M262 is designed and delivered with intuitive direct cloud connectivity to enable OEMs to maximize profitability and optimize their time, from the design of performance demanding applications to the commissioning of the machine.

The Modicon M262 embeds cybersecurity features and encryption protocols to provide direct cloud connectivity and digital services thanks to its two ready-to-work and independent embedded Ethernet ports. The Modicon M262 also easily connects to EcoStruxure Machine Advisor for more efficient commissioning and unprecedented insight into machine.
TeSys Island: Innovation in digital load management

TeSys Island digital load management system was developed to make machines smarter and help reduce machine stoppages and downtime for unprecedented productivity. The new connected system digitally integrates multifunction motor starters into machine control panels, allowing fast installation and configuration for the direct control and management of low voltage loads thanks to an end-to-end digital customer experience.

TeSys island's innovative object-orientated concept of TeSys avatars acts like a digital twin on top of the physical devices to facilitate integration and allows faster time to market. This approach allows OEM users to focus on machine design, load integration and control, while simplifying the selection and commissioning of each electro-mechanical component. The TeSys Island connects easily to the Modicon M262 controller and leverages the EcoStruxure Machine Expert software platform.
EcoStruxure Machine Expert: New level of intuitive machine programming

The new EcoStruxure Machine Expert is a unique software solution for developing, configuring, and commissioning the entire machine in a single software environment, including logic, motion control, HMI, and related network automation functions. Thanks to many predefined templates, Packaging OEMs can save engineering time by applying complete libraries or even a new machine module available in the most modern and powerful tool-based software concepts on the market.

Flexible and scalable, EcoStruxure Machine Expert is a complete machine building solution with benefits all through the machine life cycle from design and development, to commissioning and maintenance. The EcoStruxure Machine Expert platform is a single software to program an entire machine, including the latest IIoT solutions like the Modicon M262 controller and the TeSys Island digital load management system.
All Part of EcoStruxure: Innovation at Every Level

EcoStruxure is Schneider Electric's open, interoperable, IoT-enabled system architecture and platform. It delivers enhanced value around safety, reliability, efficiency, sustainability, and connectivity. EcoStruxure leverages advancements in IoT, mobility, sensing, cloud, analytics, and cybersecurity to deliver Innovation at Every Level. This includes Connected Products, Edge Control, and Apps, Analytics & Services. EcoStruxure has been deployed in 480,000+ sites, with the support of 20,000+ system integrators and developers, connecting over 1.6 million assets under management through 40+ digital services.

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