Datalogic Brings New Technology Solutions for Manufacturers to PACK EXPO 2019

Hands on demonstrations and technology displays highlighting robotics and traceability at LS-6371.

Datalogic, a global leader in automatic data capture and industrial automation markets, brings an extensive display of products and solutions highlighting robotics and traceability to booth LS-6371 at Pack Expo 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Visitors will discover solutions for data capture, safety and sensors, laser marking, robotic inspection, vision systems, and imaging technology. A wide variety of demos will be on display at booth LS-6371:

Bar code reading: Get maximum performance with the Matrix™ family. Manufacturers lean on Matrix devices for high speed data capture, compact form factor, or Digimarc Barcodes™ reading.
Laser marking: Come see in action the combination of the AREX™ 400 laser maker with the intuitive MARVIS™ software, so easy and fast to implement.

Advanced OCR: Performance manufacturers could only dream of. These new OCR tools provide precision detection and interpretation on high speed lines, reflective surfaces, and poorly printed surfaces.

Pattern sortation: Now manufacturers can automate processes and inspection that relied on human vision. Don't miss the vision solution that interprets icons and symbols on packaging at high speed, even if they are poorly printed and partially covered.

Bottling Conveyor: Detection, inspection and data collection are all present at this live demonstration that integrates vision systems, safety sensor, smart cameras and industrial scanners in action.
PowerScan: Explore the wide selection of models of the world's best-selling industrial hand held scanner including: DMP compatibility, wireless communications, integrated keyboards and more.
Mobility: Datalogic hand held and vehicle mount computers will be on display showing an array of devices with Android™ and Windows® operating systems that deliver computing power to applications across the enterprise for manufacturers.

Safety Laser Sentinels: Realize the applications this unique solution has in workstations, robots, lift trucks and more for monitoring safety at multiple distances in various areas.

Photoelectric Sensors and IO-Link: Datalogic will illustrate the widest range in a sensor family with a complete choice of optical functions, optics direction, cabling, output signals and more, all communicating with the IO-Link standard.

Make plans to experience firsthand the empowering technology from Datalogic at booth LS-6371, and book a time to meet with our experts, product managers, sales executives, and senior managers for questions and in-depth demonstrations

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Emulate3D Engineering Software Creates Your Advantage

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