ADLINK IoT Debuting Smart Pallet Experience with Vortex Edge® at PACK EXPO 2018

Interactive exhibit shows how packages and pallets can “talk” to each other with Edge IoT

ADLINKs Vortex Edge® Edge IoT solution gives digital and analog assets a personality, even packages and pallets can communicate and become intelligent

The gamification of picking, packing and palletization shows how ADLINK Vortex Edge® supports vision-based IoT use cases throughout the distribution warehouse
Attendees can see how it works by loading a pallet and racing the clock to win prizes like: $100 Visa gift cards and/or ADLINK branded merchandise
ADLINK IoT Solutions and Technology, a division of ADLINK Technology, providing leading Edge IoT solutions that drive data-to-decision applications across industries, will be debuting the Smart Pallet Experience at PACK EXPO 2018 Chicago, featuring a full user experience and gaming-type exhibit that allows attendees to interact with Vortex Edge® and experience first-hand how Edge IoT can make "smart" packages and pallets that "talk to each other." Attendees can race each other or try to beat the clock to win a $100 Visa gift card or ADLINK branded merchandise.

"We want people to be able to really see and experience for themselves how Edge IoT gets every logistical stage talking to each other—packages, pallets, warehouse management systems, clouds, ERPs, and warehouse employees," says Lawrence Ross, GM ADLINK IoT. "What better way to demonstrate intelligent warehouse logistics at the Edge than by getting attendees involved directly?"

ADLINK's Vortex Edge® solution includes leading-edge hardware, real-time data streaming software, and microservices. Vortex Edge® with vision microservices has the ability to quickly solve vision-based IoT initiatives, reducing incorrectly shipped packages, theft, and shrink; while increasing productivity and warehouse worker safety; and improving ergonomics.

ADLINKs Edge IoT solution for warehouse distribution has been used to make packages and pallets themselves intelligent, so they can detect where theyre supposed to be and when theyre supposed to be there--in real-time--yielding improved warehouse logistics and ultimately improved customer satisfaction.

Attendees can stop by the ADLINK booth at McCormick Place, Chicago, IL, in the Lakeside Center East Building, Level 3, #7362 October 14th-17th 2018 for the Smart Pallet Experience: loading boxes on pallets and racing their opponent to win fun ADLINK swag or beat the clock to win $100 Visa gift cards (ADLINK has purchased hundreds of them to award throughout the Expo).

ADLINK Technology is a global leader of Edge Computing with a mission to reduce the complexity of building IIoT systems. ADLINK provides complete IIoT solutions across industries that include embedded building blocks, intelligent computing platforms, fully featured edge platforms, connectivity and extraction devices, secure software for data movement, and micro services to monitor, manage, and analyze data-streaming assets. ADLINK is a Premier Member of the Intel® IoT Solutions Alliance, has strategic partnerships with NVIDIA and Google Cloud to bring AI to the Edge and is active in several standards organizations. ADLINK products are available in over 40 countries across five continents.

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