Program of Embedded Vision Europe Conference is available

All speakers in the four presentation blocks are confirmed / According to speakers and exhibitors new conference fills an important gap

Even prior to the first Embedded Vision Europe (EVE) conference from 12 to 13 October 2017 at the ICS International Congress Center Stuttgart (Germany), speakers and exhibitors point out the importance of this new European conference event that is entirely dedicated to the disruptive technology of embedded vision.

Says Giles Peckham, Regional Marketing Director at Xilinx and speaker in the first presentation block titled 'Embedded Vision Processors': "Embedded Vision is a key and highly pervasive megatrend, rapidly shaping the future of Europe's electronics industry. Designers representing a broad range of diverse applications from machine vision to autonomous driving, medical imaging and defense are combining computer vision with machine learning to create a new wave of intelligent vision-guided systems. Many are demanding levels of responsiveness and reconfigurability that only Xilinx's All Programmable technology can achieve, and the reVISION stack is enabling them to create those systems using high-level frameworks and libraries. Xilinx needs to be there to demonstrate and explain these capabilities to those who wish to learn more."
Also Paul Maria Zalewski from Allied Vision Technologies who will speak in the second presentation which is titled 'Image Acquisition' is convinced of the new conference format: "Embedded vision is the future of computer vision. Allied Vision has recognized that and presented a ground-breaking camera platform that will bring the performance of PC-based machine vision to the embedded world. The two day conference offers the opportunity to discuss the industry's definition of embedded vision, its specific requirements and challenges on hardware and software. Allied Vision is committed to building a bridge between the machine vision and the embedded world, so it was an obvious decision for us to support this event as a sponsor."
The third presentation block in the morning of the second conference day is titled 'Software Tools'. Herein, deep learning plays a key role in two of the scheduled speeches. The last presentation block of the conference 'Standards' and 'Applications' includes a presentation on future standards for embedded vision by EMVA President Jochem Herrmann as well as three use cases which are titled ‘New image processing paradigma in embedded vision - Camera-integrated 3D laser triangulation'; ‘The brain in the machine vision camera - embedded FPGA imaging in practice'; and ‘Democratizing deep learning - a low cost food product identification approach designed for embedded devices'.
The table-top exhibition that accompanies the conference will take place in the foyer area right in front of the conference room. Catering and the pre-scheduled face-to-face meeting sessions are offered in the same area. By this, networking and technology showcase are linked and the exchange of news and ideas will be a conference highlight.
All information on the conference which will be held entirely in English language, the event venue and how to register can be found at

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