Markforged Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Software Now Available Free of Charge to All Designers and Engineers

Widespread adoption of powerful software will empower designers and engineers to learn and master the capabilities of composite fiber reinforcement and materials usage

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Markforged, inventor of a new way to 3D print metal and the world's first carbon fiber printer, today announced that its Eiger software is now publicly available free of charge for interested designers and engineers. Eiger is a unique all-in-one software solution that drives the 3D printing of strong parts across the expanding roster of Markforged printers.

With this software release, organizations can be immersed in a core part of the Markforged experience before acquiring a printer. Users can easily upload any CAD file and experience what makes Markforged unique: fiber reinforcement using various material combinations and geometries for strength and specific engineered properties across composites and metals. For the first time, non-customers can anticipate material usage and weight, material costs, and print times. Parts can be designed virtually across the Markforged portfolio of materials: Onyx with carbon fiber (chopped carbon reinforced nylon), high strength fiberglass, or Kevlar reinforcement. The ability to print with metals will be available soon.

Individuals who purchase a printer after signing up for an Eiger trial account can add their new printer to that account. Parts, fiber reinforcement parameters, and other print metrics can be saved, allowing users to start printing their parts immediately after buying a printer.

"Eiger lets engineers convert any STL file into a printable, fiber-reinforced model in seconds," said Ben Sklaroff, senior software engineer at Markforged. "You can add continuous carbon fiber to your part with one click and we'll auto-route it for optimal strength, but you also have full layer-by-layer control if you want to optimize your part's strength-to-cost. Users file support tickets just to tell us they're impressed how powerful and easy-to-use our software is. Now anyone can create an account and upload their design to discover how to print truly strong parts."

Using Google Chrome, Eiger users can securely access their files from anywhere at any time. The software is also available in a local storage version or fully on-premise as needed. To register for a free Eiger trial, please visit:

About Markforged
As one of the most well respected, innovative and rapidly growing 3D printing companies, Markforgeds mission is to provide its customers with high strength parts, built right the first time. In 2014, Markforged revolutionized 3D printing with the introduction of the worlds first carbon-fiber composite 3D printer. Today, Markforgeds lineup of innovative printers and their groundbreaking materials in both metals and composites along with Eiger cloud software are making strong parts for thousands of customers in over 50 countries around the world.

Markforged Industrial Strength 3D Printers produce mission-critical, workhorse parts that solve real problems for their customers, and realize structures never before possible. For more information, visit

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