Lenze Out-of-the-Box Smart Products for Start-Stop Conveyor Applications

Pre-defined Intelligent Mechatronic Solutions for Roller and Chain Conveyors

UXBRIDGE, MA -September 29, 2016 - A global leader and manufacturer of electrical and mechanical drives, motion control and automation technologies, Lenze Americas delivers out-of-the-box Smart Product solutions for easy commissioning and operation of roller and chain conveyors.

"Intelligent Lenze Smart Products, combined with a smartphone, provide a very user-friendly solution," states Joel Thomas, industry manager - intralogistics, Lenze. "Instead of agonizing over conveyor drive choices, these predefined smart drive solutions for conveyor systems give our customers the freedom to select, unpack, install—and go!"

Lenze Smart Products deliver a superior mechatronic drive solution for clearly specified roller and chain conveyor applications. Drive selection, definition, installation and parameter setting are made easy for machine builders and operators. Lenze has streamlined the process of defining the conveying system, selecting the installation version, and fixing the payload. Smart Product solutions are supplied with engineering documentation and design of ready-made modules, including CAD blueprints, dimensioned drawings, and EPLAN macros for easy integration by machine builders.

Integrated Smart Product units, with built-in intelligence, can be paired with a smartphone for remote authenticated user access in Industry 4.0 initiatives. An intuitive and user-friendly Lenze smartphone app enables easy selection of the motor fixed speed and total freedom in gearbox torque variation for virtually limitless expansion of a single drive type. Engineered for easy installation and maintenance, Lenze Smart Products are available in outline and inline versions covering six payload classes ranging from 2,200 to 11,460 lbs. Built on parameterized programming technology, the universal drive tools incorporate Industry 4.0 mechanisms to simplify kinematic programming and expedite deployment of conveyor systems.

To learn more about Lenze Smart Products, visit this link: http://www.lenze.com/en-us/products/lenze-smart-products/


About Lenze Americas
Lenze is a global manufacturer of electrical and mechanical drives, motion control and automation technology. As a global specialist in Motion Centric Automation, we offer our customers products, drive solutions, complete automation systems, engineering services and tools from a single source. We are a leading provider of automation solutions to the packaging industry, and our other focus industries include automotive, material handling and logistics, robotics, and commercial pumps/fans. With a global network of engineers, sales representatives, and manufacturing facilities, Lenze is well-positioned to meet the motion control needs of customers worldwide. Lenze Americas, the American subsidiary of Lenze SE of Germany, is headquartered in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, with an assembly and logistics center in Glendale Heights, Illinois. Corporate global headquarters are in Hamelin, Germany. Visit www.Lenze.com for more information.

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